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FreeBSD Ports — head/math/py-pandas distinfo Makefile, head/math/py-pandas/files print_skipped.py

- Update to 0.14.1

PR:                ports/191857
Submitted by:        John W. O'Brien <john at saltant.com> (maintainer)

FreeBSD Ports — head/mail/p5-Net-IMAP-Client distinfo Makefile

- update to 0.9505

FreeBSD Ports — head UPDATING

Make the instructions a bit clearer.
Delta File
+5 -2 head/UPDATING
+5 -2 1 file

FreeNAS — gui/templates/system initialwizard_confirm.html

Do not show progress bar for "Return to wizard" button

FreeBSD — stable/10/sys/kern kern_proc.c

MFC r268466:
Calculate the amount of resident pages by looking in the objects chain
backing the region. Add a knob to disable the residency calculation at

MFC r268490:
Unconditionally initialize addr to handle the case of changed map
timestamp while the map is unlocked.

MFC r268711:
Change the calculation of the kinfo_vmentry field kve_private_resident
to reflect its name.

MFC r268712:
Followup to r268466.
- Move the code to calculate resident count into separate function.
  It reduces the indent level and makes the operation of
  vmmap_skip_res_cnt tunable more clear.
- Optimize the calculation of the resident page count for map entry.
  Skip directly to the next lowest available index and page among the
  whole shadow chain.
- Restore the use of pmap_incore(9), only to verify that current
  mapping is indeed superpage.
- Note the issue with the invalid pages.
Delta File
+87 -35 stable/10/sys/kern/kern_proc.c
+87 -35 1 file

FreeBSD Ports — head/news/husky-base Makefile, head/news/husky-bsopack Makefile

Reset maintainership for ports not staged with no pending PR

With hat:        portmgr

FreeBSD — stable/10/sys/amd64/amd64 pmap.c, stable/10/sys/arm/arm pmap-v6.c

MFC r267213 (by alc):
Add a page size field to struct vm_page.

Approved by:        alc

LLVM — llvm/trunk/lib/MC/MCParser AsmParser.cpp

Remove unused field MacroInstantiation::TheMacro. No behavior change.

FreeBSD Ports — head/net/p5-Net Makefile distinfo

- update to 1.27
Delta File
+2 -2 head/net/p5-Net/Makefile
+2 -2 head/net/p5-Net/distinfo
+0 -0 head/net/p5-Net/files/
+4 -4 3 files

LLVM — llvm/trunk/lib/MC/MCParser AsmParser.cpp, llvm/trunk/test/MC/AsmParser directive-warning.s

Let the integrated assembler understand .warning, PR20428.

FreeBSD Ports — head/www/nghttp2 Makefile distinfo

- Update to 0.5.1

Changes:        https://github.com/tatsuhiro-t/nghttp2/releases

FreeBSD Ports — head/net/p5-GeoIP2 pkg-plist Makefile

- Update to 0.040005

Changes:        http://search.cpan.org/dist/GeoIP2/Changes

FreeBSD Ports — head/dns/p5-Mozilla-PublicSuffix distinfo Makefile

FreeBSD Ports — head/net/p5-MaxMind-DB-Reader Makefile


FreeBSD Ports — head/net/p5-MaxMind-DB-Common Makefile


FreeBSD Ports — head/sysutils/ansible Makefile distinfo

- Update to 1.6.8

Changes:        https://raw.githubusercontent.com/ansible/ansible/v1.6.8/CHANGELOG.md
PR:                ports/192017
Submitted by:        Nikolai Lifanov <lifanov at mail.lifanov.com> (maintainer)

FreeBSD Ports — head/net/ptpd2 Makefile

- Switch to USES=libtool

Approved by:        portmgr blanket
Delta File
+2 -2 head/net/ptpd2/Makefile
+2 -2 1 file

FreeBSD Ports — head/print/texlive-full Makefile

Support stage
Delta File
+3 -9 head/print/texlive-full/Makefile
+3 -9 1 file

FreeBSD Ports — head/devel/hwloc Makefile pkg-plist, head/net/mpich Makefile

- Switch devel/hwloc to USES=libtool, drop .la files
- Bump dependent ports as .so version has changed
- While here, fix stagedir reference in www/trafficserver

Approved by:        portmgr blanket

FreeBSD Ports — head/games/libdungeonmaker Makefile pkg-plist, head/games/libdungeonmaker/files patch-DungeonMaker.h

include stdlib.h for rand(3) to fix build. While here, remove the profiled lib
from the plist. Its creation is changes with NO_PROFILE in src.conf, and it's
pretty unnecessary, so I'm removing it from the plist altogether for simplicity.

FreeBSD Ports — head/audio/portaudio2 Makefile pkg-plist

- Switch to USES=libtool, drop .la files

Approved by:        portmgr blanket

FreeNAS — gui/freeadmin forms.py

Do not try to retrieve an empty user
Delta File
+12 -14 gui/freeadmin/forms.py
+12 -14 1 file

LLVM — llvm/trunk/lib/Target/Mips MipsOptionRecord.h

Include relative path for header outside the current directory.

LLVM — llvm/trunk/include/llvm/ExecutionEngine ExecutionEngine.h, llvm/trunk/lib/ExecutionEngine ExecutionEngine.cpp

Remove dead code.

Every user has been switched to using EngineBuilder.

FreeBSD Ports — head/sysutils/gosa Makefile pkg-plist

- Add staging support
- Convert to new options framework, USES=tar:bzip2

FreeBSD Ports — head/devel/libdisasm Makefile pkg-plist

- Switch to USES=libtool, drop .la files

Approved by:        portmgr blanket

FreeBSD Ports — head/net-p2p/azureus2 Makefile, head/net-p2p/eiskaltdcpp-cli Makefile

Reset maintainership for ports not staged with no pending PR

With hat:        portmgr

FreeBSD Ports — head/print/texlive-docs Makefile

Support stage
Delta File
+2 -3 head/print/texlive-docs/Makefile
+2 -3 1 file

LLVM — cfe/trunk/examples/clang-interpreter main.cpp

Remove the last use of llvm::ExecutionEngine::create.

FreeBSD Ports — head/games/greed pkg-plist

Turns out @sample doesn't handle @mode correctly, so set the mode
manually with an @exec.
Delta File
+1 -1 head/games/greed/pkg-plist
+1 -1 1 file

FreeBSD Ports — head/games/greed Makefile pkg-plist

This port was not stage-safe as it was making direct writes to /var. Fix that,
along with making do-install substantially easier to read. While here, stop
muting the build command.

FreeBSD — stable/10/usr.sbin/ctladm ctladm.8

MFC r268457 (by pluknet):
Fix typos.

FreeBSD — stable/10/usr.sbin/ctladm ctladm.c

MFC r268289:
Fix minor copy-paste bug in r268284.

FreeBSD Ports — head/audio/faad Makefile pkg-plist

- Switch to USES=libtool, drop .la files

Approved by:        portmgr blanket

FreeBSD Ports — head/audio/faac Makefile pkg-plist

- Switch to USES=libtool, drop .la files

Approved by:        portmgr blanket

FreeBSD — stable/10/usr.sbin/iscsid login.c

MFC r267612 (by trasz):
Get rid of unneccessary argument.
Delta File
+8 -5 stable/10/usr.sbin/iscsid/login.c
+8 -5 1 file

FreeBSD — stable/10/usr.sbin/iscsid login.c

MFC r267609 (by trasz):
Improve code a little; no functional changes.
Delta File
+21 -9 stable/10/usr.sbin/iscsid/login.c
+21 -9 1 file

LLVM — llvm/trunk/lib/Target/AArch64 AArch64ISelLowering.cpp

AArch64: refactor ReconstructShuffle function

Quite a bit of cruft had accumulated as we realised the various different cases
it had to handle and squeezed them in where possible. This refactoring mostly
flattens the logic and special-cases. The result is slightly longer, but I
think clearer.

Should be no functionality change.

FreeNAS — gui/common freenasusers.py

Use ORM and reduce the number of sqlite calls to retrieve local groups

Ticket:        #5602
Delta File
+24 -50 gui/common/freenasusers.py
+24 -50 1 file

FreeBSD — stable/10/usr.sbin/iscsid login.c

MFC r267608 (by trasz):
Use proper term in debug messages.
Delta File
+5 -5 stable/10/usr.sbin/iscsid/login.c
+5 -5 1 file

FreeBSD — stable/10/usr.sbin/iscsid login.c

MFC r266169 (by trasz):
Remove unused variable.
Delta File
+0 -4 stable/10/usr.sbin/iscsid/login.c
+0 -4 1 file

FreeBSD Ports — head/misc/amanda-server Makefile, head/misc/amanda25-server Makefile

Reset maintainership for ports not staged with no pending PR

With hat:        portmgr

FreeBSD — stable/10/sys/dev/iscsi iscsi.c iscsi_ioctl.h, stable/10/usr.sbin/iscsid login.c iscsid.c

MFC r267613 (by trasz):
Implement redirection handling in initiator.

PC-BSD — src-sh/pc-installdialog pc-installdialog.sh

Hardware information will now include memory and cpu information

FreeNAS — gui/account views.py

Set content type for users and groups json views

This allows us to enable the profile middleware.
Delta File
+8 -2 gui/account/views.py
+8 -2 1 file

FreeBSD Ports — head/deskutils/calcurse Makefile

Fix build with NLS enabled by removing unnecessary gcc-ism.

While here, use OPTIONS helpers to avoid including bsd.port.options.mk.
Delta File
+5 -15 head/deskutils/calcurse/Makefile
+5 -15 1 file

FreeBSD — stable/10/sys/dev/drm2/i915 intel_fb.c, stable/10/sys/dev/vt vt_core.c

MFC r268947: Hide syscons-specific workaround under DEV_SC

LLVM — llvm/trunk/unittests/IR UseTest.cpp

Fix r213824 on windows

FreeBSD — head/usr.bin/vtfontcvt vtfontcvt.8

vtfontcvt will first ship in FreeBSD 10.1

FreeBSD Ports — head/sysutils/tartarus Makefile pkg-descr, head/sysutils/tartarus/files patch-bin__tartarus

- Our date(1) does not support -r switch the way GNU date(1) does; instead of
  pulling gdate(1) dependency use stat(1) command to obtain modification time
- Fix whitespace in Makefile, improve `do-install' target, and fix a typo and
  bogus EOL space in pkg-descr while I'm here

PR:        192072