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FreeBSD — head/release Makefile release.conf.sample, head/release/amd64 mk-vmimage.sh

Merge the following revisions from ^/projects/release-vmimage:

r272234, r272236, r272262, r272264, r272269, r272271, r272272,
r272277, r272279, r272376, r272380, r272381, r272392, r272234,

  Initial commit to include virtual machine images as part
  of the FreeBSD release builds.

  This adds a make(1) environment variable requirement,
  WITH_VMIMAGES, which triggers the virtual machine image
  targets when not defined to an empty value.

  Relevant user-driven variables include:

   o VMFORMATS:        The virtual machine image formats to create.
     Valid formats are provided by running 'mkimg --formats'

   o VMSIZE:        The size of the resulting virtual machine
     image.  Typical compression is roughly 140Mb, regardless
     of the target size (10GB, 15GB, 20GB, 40GB sizes have been
     tested with the same result).

   o VMBASE:        The prefix of the virtual machine disk images.

    [97 lines not shown]

FreeNAS — gui/sharing/migrations 0029_home_share.py

Add data migration to create home share from CIFS settings

Ticket:        #3871

FreeBSD Ports — head/devel/mercurial pkg-plist distinfo

- Update to 3.1.2
- Drop @dirm* in pkg-plist

ChangeLog: http://mercurial.selenic.com/wiki/WhatsNew#Mercurial_3.1.2_.282014-10-01.29

FreeBSD Ports — head/sysutils/zfstools Makefile

Bump only to test INDEX building for Freshports/portsnap/indexbuild after
bsd.port.mk started enforcing OSVERSION==UNAME_r
Delta File
+1 -0 head/sysutils/zfstools/Makefile
+1 -0 1 file

FreeBSD Ports — head/Mk bsd.port.mk

- Reinstate r369644 fully to add the OSVERSION==UNAME_r sanity check.
  FreshPorts, portsnap and indexbuild have all been fixed.
Delta File
+0 -4 head/Mk/bsd.port.mk
+0 -4 1 file

FreeBSD — projects/release-vmimage/release Makefile

Remove two stray comments added during the initial iterations
of testing, no longer needed.

Sponsored by:        The FreeBSD Foundation

FreeBSD Ports — head/net-mgmt/netxms Makefile

Enforce bundling jansson and libtre instead of leaving the configure
figure out if it should bundle of not
The clean fix would be to always unbundle, but I will let that to the maintainer
while here strip binaries and allow packaging

Reported by:        glebius
Delta File
+4 -3 head/net-mgmt/netxms/Makefile
+4 -3 1 file

LLVM — cfe/trunk/lib/CodeGen CoverageMappingGen.h CoverageMappingGen.cpp

InstrProf: Update for the LLVM API change in r218879

LLVM — llvm/trunk/include/llvm/ProfileData CoverageMapping.h, llvm/trunk/lib/ProfileData CoverageMapping.cpp

InstrProf: Don't keep a large sparse list around just to zero it

The Terms vector here represented a polynomial of of all possible
counters, and is used to simplify expressions when generating coverage
mapping. There are a few problems with this:

1. Keeping the vector as a member is wasteful, since we clear it every
   time we use it.
2. Most expressions refer to a subset of the counters, so we end up
   iterating over a large number of zeros doing nothing a lot of the

This updates the user of the vector to store the terms locally, and
uses a sort and combine approach so that we only operate on counters
that are actually used in a given expression. For small cases this
makes very little difference, but in cases with a very large number of
counted regions this is a significant performance fix.

FreeBSD — projects/release-vmimage/share/man/man7 release.7

Document the new 'vm-image' target, and associated release.conf

Sponsored by:        The FreeBSD Foundation

FreeNAS — gui/middleware notifier.py

Make sure system dataset create method was not aborted
Delta File
+2 -0 gui/middleware/notifier.py
+2 -0 1 file

FreeBSD Ports — head/net/aoe Makefile pkg-plist

Make sure the package respect SRC_BASE
Use the kmod framework
Cleanup the plist

Reported by:        glebius
Delta File
+6 -10 head/net/aoe/Makefile
+0 -1 head/net/aoe/pkg-plist
+6 -11 2 files

FreeBSD Ports — head/net/quagga Makefile pkg-plist, head/net/quagga/files quagga.in extra-patch-ospf-nexthop

Update to [1]
General cleanup.

PR:                194090 [1]
Submitted by:        Olivier Cochard [1]
Sponsored by:        Absolight

FreeBSD Ports — head/audio/libshout Makefile

- Use INSTALL_TARGET=install-strip
Delta File
+1 -3 head/audio/libshout/Makefile
+1 -3 1 file

PC-BSD — src-sh/lpreserver/backend functions.sh

Update lpreserver backend, fix up iscsi targets, allow more options
for remote targets

LLVM — llvm/trunk/lib/Transforms/InstCombine InstCombineMulDivRem.cpp

Use the local variable that other clauses around here are already using.

LLVM — llvm/trunk/lib/Analysis ConstantFolding.cpp

Remove duplicate function names from comments. NFC.

LLVM — llvm/trunk/lib/Target/NVPTX NVPTXISelLowering.cpp

[NVPTX] Remove dead code.

Found by the Clang static analyzer.

FreeBSD — head/sys/dev/sfxge sfxge_dma.c

Properly handle a case that should never happen (the bus_dma
callback being called with error set to non-zero).
Delta File
+5 -2 head/sys/dev/sfxge/sfxge_dma.c
+5 -2 1 file

FreeBSD Ports — head/net-mgmt/unifi3 pkg-plist

Simplify plist now that I fully understand the new @dir functionality
Delta File
+0 -50 head/net-mgmt/unifi3/pkg-plist
+0 -50 1 file

FreeBSD Ports — head/multimedia/kdenlive pkg-plist Makefile

- Update to 0.9.10.
- Make DOCS optional.
- Add dependency on nepomuk-core. [1]

[1] nepomuk-core isn't Nepomuk itself, it's just a tiny support
library with few extra dependencies.

This is a bugfix release with a few minor changes:

FreeBSD Ports — head/net/cnd Makefile, head/net/cnd/files patch-main.c patch-Makefile

Patch cnd so that it uses getifaddrs(3) instead of nosing
in kernel memory via kvm(3).

This fixes breakage on head, as well as avoid breakages
in the future.

Approved by:        lme

PC-BSD — src-sh/libsh functions.sh

Don't try to re-install grub if the system isn't using grub as its
Delta File
+3 -0 src-sh/libsh/functions.sh
+3 -0 1 file

LLVM — lldb/trunk/gtest/unittest/Plugins/Process/Linux ThreadStateCoordinatorTest.cpp

Fix up stale comments from last change.

LLVM — lldb/trunk/gtest/unittest/Plugins/Process/Linux ThreadStateCoordinatorTest.cpp, lldb/trunk/source/Plugins/Process/Linux ThreadStateCoordinator.cpp

thread state coordinator: requesting resume now signals error appropriately.

Added tests to verify that the coordinator signals an error if
the given thread to resume is unknown, and if the thread is through to
be running already.

Modified resume handling code to match tests.

PC-BSD — pbi-modules AppCafe-index

Added a couple of suggestions for PC-BSD recommended apps.
Delta File
+2 -0 pbi-modules/AppCafe-index
+2 -0 1 file

FreeNAS — gui/sharing forms.py

Allow only one share as home share

Ticket:        #3871
Delta File
+11 -0 gui/sharing/forms.py
+11 -0 1 file

OpenBSD — usr.bin/tmux tmux.1

Top function key is F12 now.
Delta File
+3 -3 usr.bin/tmux/tmux.1
+3 -3 1 file

FreeNAS — gui/sharing models.py, gui/sharing/migrations 0028_auto__add_field_cifs_share_cifs_home.py

Add new field to CIFS sharing indicating a "homes" share

Ticket:        #3871

FreeNAS — gui/sharing/migrations 0027_auto__add_webdav_share.py

Fix NFS frozen model of the latest sharing migration

This was caused due to a branch merge.

LLVM — lldb/trunk/gtest do-gtest.py

gtest runner: now always does a clean step after running.

* Checks for any 'clean' arg, setting clean-only mode.
* If clean-only mode, skip the make.
* Adds the equivalent of os.devnull in a way that supports the file-like 'write' 
* Uses a null sysout/syserr for the clean step so we don't see noise from cleaning.
* Now always runs the clean step after a real test run so we don't have cruft left over 
after a test run.
Delta File
+25 -13 lldb/trunk/gtest/do-gtest.py
+25 -13 1 file

FreeBSD Ports — head/www/p5-HTML-Strip Makefile

Make buildable.

Pointy hat to:        skreuzer
Sponsored by:        Absolight
Delta File
+2 -0 head/www/p5-HTML-Strip/Makefile
+2 -0 1 file

OpenBSD Ports — x11/gnome/desktop Makefile, x11/gnome/mutter Makefile

Shuffle dependencies.

NAS4Free — trunk/build CHANGES, trunk/build/ports/bash distinfo Makefile

Upgrade bash 4.3 to patch 28.

LLVM — llvm/trunk/lib/Target/Mips/MCTargetDesc MipsAsmBackend.cpp, llvm/trunk/test/MC/Mips unaligned-nops.s

Support padding unaligned data in .text.

FreeBSD Ports — head/math/py-matplotlib Makefile

Add missing dep.

Submitted by:        olgeni
Approved by:        maintainer
Delta File
+2 -1 head/math/py-matplotlib/Makefile
+2 -1 1 file

FreeBSD Ports — head/Mk bsd.gnome.mk

Also update gnomesharp dependacy in bsd.gnome.mk
Delta File
+1 -1 head/Mk/bsd.gnome.mk
+1 -1 1 file

FreeBSD Ports — head/x11-toolkits/gnome-sharp20 Makefile

Remove gnomepanel dependancy, the requirement was removed from gnome-sharp.

FreeBSD Ports — head/net-mgmt/unifi3 pkg-plist distinfo

Update to 3.2.5
Convert @dirrm to @dir

LLVM — llvm/trunk/lib/Analysis MemoryDependenceAnalysis.cpp

Silence a -Wsign-compare warning. NFC.

FreeBSD Ports — head/graphics/nip2 Makefile, head/graphics/vips pkg-plist distinfo

- Update from 7.40.9 to 7.40.10

FreeBSD Ports — head/math/armadillo distinfo Makefile

- Update from 4.450.0 to 4.450.2

LLVM — llvm/trunk/lib/Transforms/Scalar IndVarSimplify.cpp, llvm/trunk/test/Transforms/IndVarSimplify 2011-09-10-widen-nsw.ll

[BUG][INDVAR] Fix for PR21014: wrong SCEV operands commuting for non-commutative 

My commit rL216160 introduced a bug PR21014: IndVars widens code 'for (i = ; i < ...; i++) 
arr[ CONST - i]' into 'for (i = ; i < ...; i++) arr[ i - CONST]'
thus inverting index expression. This patch fixes it. 
Thanks to Jörg Sonnenberger for pointing.

Differential Revision: http://reviews.llvm.org/D5576

OpenBSD Ports — misc/tpp Makefile

drop hardcoded ruby version (1.8); all examples run fine with ruby 2.1
Delta File
+2 -3 misc/tpp/Makefile
+2 -3 1 file

OpenBSD Ports — devel/quirks Makefile, devel/quirks/files Quirks.pm

register raggle

OpenBSD Ports — www Makefile, www/raggle Makefile distinfo

remove raggle which has been unmaintained upstream since 2005 and only works
with ruby 1.8 (also retired). snownews might be an alternative.

ok landry@

FreeBSD Ports — head/Keywords fc.ucl fcfontsdir.ucl

Replace the dirrmtry action with dir.

With hat:        portmgr
Sponsored by:        Absolight

OpenBSD Ports — textproc/redland-bindings Makefile distinfo, textproc/redland-bindings/patches patch-configure

update to redland-bindings-

FreeBSD Ports — head/security/sshguard Makefile, head/security/sshguard/files sshguard.in

The default pardon and prescribe settings in the rc script were swapped
and did not match the documentation. Users should tune to their needs
instead of relying on the defaults, but if they are this will be an

Submitted by:        John Vinopal