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DragonFlyBSD — sys/dev/drm/include/linux kernel.h

drm/linux: Fix WARN_ONCE()

DragonFlyBSD — lib/libc/citrus citrus_db_factory.c, lib/libc/db/btree btree.h bt_put.c

Use roundup2() from <sys/param.h> in a number of places.

DragonFlyBSD — . Makefile.inc1

Makefile.inc: Add kernel install complete message

All the targets that have an "starting" message also have a corresponding
"complete" message except the installkernel target.  This is particularly
obvious when checking logs to see if kernel successfully installed, so
I'm adding that message here.
Delta File
+3 -0 Makefile.inc1
+3 -0 1 file

DragonFlyBSD — lib/libc/citrus citrus_none.c

iconv sync 11/11: Use macro like FreeBSD (1 file) to eliminate diff
Delta File
+1 -1 lib/libc/citrus/citrus_none.c
+1 -1 1 file

DragonFlyBSD — lib/i18n_module/UTF7 citrus_utf7.c

iconv sync 10/x: FreeBSD SVN 258316 + 283406 + 283418

SVN 258316: Bug fixes in iconv(3) UTF-7 support.

- Add ' to the list of directly encoded characters and * to the list of
  optionally directly encoded characters as per RFC 2152.

- In _citrus_UTF7_mbtoutf16 on end of input when the next output character
  has only been partially decoded, save a copy of the buffer of input
  characters (not just its length).  On the next call with more input
  characters this buffer is reprocessed together with the new input to
  form a fully decoded output character.

- At the end of a base64 encoded sequence fully discard '-' (BASE64_OUT)
  by decrementing psenc->chlen and i.  This is needed to make room in
  psenc->ch (input buffer) in case the next input character starts a new
  base64 encoded sequence.  And also, if this is the end of input and no
  output character can be returned, this brings the encoder in the initial
  state as indicated by _citrus_UTF7_stdenc_get_state_desc_generic which
  is used by the caller to distinguish between no output and partial

- In _citrus_UTF7_mbrtowc_priv pass the s parameter (input pointer)
  directly to _citrus_UTF7_mbtoutf16 instead of a copy (s0).  This way s
  is updated correctly in case of errors.

    [29 lines not shown]
Delta File
+27 -35 lib/i18n_module/UTF7/citrus_utf7.c
+27 -35 1 file

DragonFlyBSD — lib/i18n_module/BIG5 citrus_big5.c, lib/i18n_module/DECHanyu citrus_dechanyu.c

iconv sync 9/x: FreeBSD SVN 260003

In libiconv i18n modules, surround the unused static
_citrus_xxx_pack_state() and _citrus_xxx_unpack_state() functions
with #if 0 blocks for now

DragonFlyBSD — sys/vfs/tmpfs tmpfs_vnops.c tmpfs_subr.c

tmpfs - Fix write-append/mmap-read race

* tmpfs_write() was not extending the target file atomically with the
  write via a file node lock.  Although the vnode is locked exclusively,
  this only prevents read() and write() related races.  lseek() and memory
  mapped reads could still race.

* Adjust the NODE LOCK to cover the entire tmpfs_write() operation.  This
  fixes races against lseek() or stat() which would otherwise allow the
  new post-append file size to be returned before the write completes.


Reported-by: Ben Woolley <tautolog at gmail.com>

DragonFlyBSD — . Makefile.inc1, share/man/man5 kernconf.5

i386 removal, part 13/x: Some cleanup after pc32 platform removal.

DragonFlyBSD — sys/platform/pc32 Makefile.inc, sys/platform/pc32/acpica acpi_madt.c acpi_pstate_machdep.c

i386 removal, part 12/x: Remove sys/platform/pc32.

DragonFlyBSD — sys/boot/dloader Makefile, sys/boot/pc32/boot2 Makefile

i386 removal, part 11/x: Remove wrong machine/ setup in the boot Makefiles.

Several of the link targets were pointing to ${.CURDIR}/../../i386/...
which doesn't exist. This is from times when our platform-specific
headers were differently laid out and it was never noticed that after
some point, it was no longer needed.

In fact, sys/boot builds properly without all this, because:

* -m32 ensures that the i386 platform is targeted by the compiler

* Various (needed) __i386__ checks in sys/cpu/x86_64/include ensure that
  even on x86_64, the basic types have the right sizes.

Confirmed by binary compare of /boot without and with the patch.

DragonFlyBSD — bin/csh config.h, contrib/smbfs/include/netsmb smb_lib.h

iconv sync 8/x: FreeBSD SVN 281550

Remove the const qualifier from iconv(3) to comply with POSIX:
Adjust all code that calls iconv

Note: The libcpp Makefile cflag was added because the host iconv.h
      header was getting pulled in.  This always should have been the
      src version of iconv.h, but the error wasn't exposed until now.

DragonFlyBSD — sys/boot/pc32/libi386 libi386.h elf32_freebsd.c

i386 removal, part 10/x: Fixes in sys/boot to compile without platform/pc32.

DragonFlyBSD — lib/libc/citrus citrus_prop.c

iconv sync 7/x: FreeBSD SVN 281798

Fix improbable memory leak in _citrus_prop_read_str()
Delta File
+3 -1 lib/libc/citrus/citrus_prop.c
+3 -1 1 file

DragonFlyBSD — lib/libc/citrus citrus_iconv.c

iconv sync 6/x: FreeBSD SVN 279404

Avoid lookup of CODESET aliases using unitialized path.  We do not use
iconv.alias file so avoid using the vestiges of the code that do.
Delta File
+8 -0 lib/libc/citrus/citrus_iconv.c
+8 -0 1 file

DragonFlyBSD — lib/libc/iconv iconv.3

iconv sync 5/x: FreeBSD SVN 269529 + 269530 + 275805

- Add xrefs for other functions (in man page, then fix ordering)
- Fix incorrect type of "invalids" argument in __iconv() prototype
Delta File
+8 -4 lib/libc/iconv/iconv.3
+8 -4 1 file

DragonFlyBSD — lib/libc/iconv iconv.c

iconv sync 4/x: FreeBSD SVN 267438

iconv_open: initialize ci_ilseq_invalid field of _citrus_iconv_shared
            struct after allocation with malloc

iconv_list: reduce a memory leak by copying strings only once
Delta File
+3 -2 lib/libc/iconv/iconv.c
+3 -2 1 file

DragonFlyBSD — lib/libc/citrus citrus_db_factory.c citrus_iconv.c

iconv sync 3/x: FreeBSD SVN 267437

Replace malloc+memset with calloc

DragonFlyBSD — lib/i18n_module/BIG5 citrus_big5.c, lib/i18n_module/DECHanyu citrus_dechanyu.c

iconv sync 2/x: FreeBSD SVN 263986

- In the libiconv module for ISO 2022, restore the original order of the
  fields of a private struct such that variables of this type are
  initialized correctly.  This fixes conversion from ISO 2022
- In the libiconv module for EUC-TW, replace 2^cs with 1<<cs.  This fixes
  conversion from EUC-TW
- Synchronize iconv code from NetBSD.  In most cases this only updates the
  RCS id because the changes are already there or are NetBSD specific.
  * citris_csmapper.c   : Add a comment
  * citrus_db_factory.c : Remove put16()
  * citrus_iconv.c      : Return EINVAL on error
  * citrus_mapper.c     : Return EINVAL on error
  * citrus_stdenc.c     : Return EINVAL on error
  * citrus_memstream.c  : Fix type of variable
  * citrus_prop.h       : Sync definition of _CITRUS_PROP_HINT_END
  * citrus_mapper_std.c : Plug memory leak

Obtained from: NetBSD

DragonFlyBSD — lib/i18n_module/BIG5 citrus_big5.c, lib/i18n_module/HZ citrus_hz.c

iconv sync 1/x: FreeBSD SVN 262441

Consistently pass around context information using a simple pointer.
This fixes some dereferencing bugs in Chinese character set conversions.

DragonFlyBSD — sys/dev/drm/i915 i915_gem_gtt.c

drm/i915: Sync with Linux 3.14 a tiny bit

The get_page() and set_pages_uc() Linux functions have been
implemented, we can use them.
Delta File
+0 -2 sys/dev/drm/i915/i915_gem_gtt.c
+0 -2 1 file

DragonFlyBSD — sbin/hammer cmd_volume.c hammer.h

sbin/hammer: Use const char* for string literal args

DragonFlyBSD — sbin/hammer ondisk.c, sys/vfs/hammer hammer_disk.h

sys/vfs/hammer: Change "xxx-map" to "xxxmap"

- "xxxmap"s seem to be canonical terms rather than "xxx-map"s
  where "xxx"s are name of zones.

- This commit only changes comments. Variable names and other
  comments, etc already have "xxxmap".

DragonFlyBSD — sys/sys lock.h

<sys/lock.h>: Fix comment typo.

Submitted-by:  Yellow Rabbit <yrabbit at sdf.lonestar.org>
Delta File
+1 -1 sys/sys/lock.h
+1 -1 1 file

DragonFlyBSD — sbin/hammer ondisk.c cmd_blockmap.c, sbin/newfs_hammer newfs_hammer.c

sys/vfs/hammer: Change "bigblock" to "big-block"

- There are(or were) several terms for 8MB chunk, for example
  "big-block", "bigblock", "big block", "large-block", etc but
  "big-block" seems to be the canonical term.

- Changes are mostly comments and some in printf and hammer(8).
  Variable names (e.g. xxx_bigblock_xxx) remain unchanged.

- The official design document as well as much of the existing
  code (excluding variable and macro names) use "big-block".

- Also see e04ee2de and the previous commit.

DragonFlyBSD — sbin/hammer hammer.8 cmd_info.c, sys/vfs/hammer hammer_blockmap.c hammer.h

sys/vfs/hammer: Change "big block" to "big-block"

- This word refers to 8MB chunk in hammer's blockmap layers,
  not literally "big" "block".

- Changes are mostly comments and some in printf and hammer(8).

- The official design document as well as much of the existing
  code (excluding variable and macro names) use "big-block".

- Also see e04ee2de.

DragonFlyBSD — sys/vfs/hammer hammer_blockmap.c

sys/vfs/hammer: Revert one line from ccdea23

- This needed to be kept with "btree" zone.

- No binary diff since these two macros are the same,
  and also this code has been #if0'd.
Delta File
+1 -1 sys/vfs/hammer/hammer_blockmap.c
+1 -1 1 file

DragonFlyBSD — sys/kern kern_nrandom.c

kernel - Improve basic entropy collector

* Faster time-buffered period in first 120 seconds after boot to help seed
  the generator.  This helps when other sources such as RDRAND are not available.

* Use a systimer instead of tsleep to make the 'random' loop delay more random.

* Do a better job incorporating interrupt randomness with a combination of
  counter and low TSC bits.

* Get rid of the double-time-buffering restrictions (one in the thread, one in
  NANOUP_EVENT().  Also incorporate the low TSC bits in different bit positions
  to try to avoid XOR deconstruction against tv_nsec.

Reported-by: tuxillo
Delta File
+71 -54 sys/kern/kern_nrandom.c
+71 -54 1 file

DragonFlyBSD — share/misc bsd-family-tree

bsd-family-tree: Sync with FreeBSD (for DragonFly 4.2.0).
Delta File
+3 -2 share/misc/bsd-family-tree
+3 -2 1 file

DragonFlyBSD — sys/dev/misc/syscons syscons.c

syscons - reenable cursor

* Cursor was accidently disabled in a prior commit,
  reenable it.

Reported-by: swildner
Delta File
+2 -2 sys/dev/misc/syscons/syscons.c
+2 -2 1 file

DragonFlyBSD — sys/dev/drm/i915 i915_gem.c

drm - Used fixed start address instead of vm_map_hint() in i915_gem_mmap_ioctl()

* We tried to fix i915_gem_mmap_ioctl() returning a valid 'NULL' address for
  the requested mapping by passing the vm_map_hint() address into it.  This
  worked, but for reasons unknown wound up destabilizing X11 itself.

* So, instead of using 0, and instead of using vm_map_hint(), the 'hint'
  starting address is now fixed at PAGE_SIZE (0x0000000000001000).  And this
  seems to solve the destabilization.
Delta File
+4 -2 sys/dev/drm/i915/i915_gem.c
+4 -2 1 file

DragonFlyBSD — sys/dev/drm/i915 i915_gem.c

drm - Used fixed start address instead of vm_map_hint() in i915_gem_mmap_ioctl()

* We tried to fix i915_gem_mmap_ioctl() returning a valid 'NULL' address for
  the requested mapping by passing the vm_map_hint() address into it.  This
  worked, but for reasons unknown wound up destabilizing X11 itself.

* So, instead of using 0, and instead of using vm_map_hint(), the 'hint'
  starting address is now fixed at PAGE_SIZE (0x0000000000001000).  And this
  seems to solve the destabilization.
Delta File
+4 -2 sys/dev/drm/i915/i915_gem.c
+4 -2 1 file

DragonFlyBSD — sys/dev/acpica acpi_thermal.c

kernel/acpi_thermal: Fix comment typo.
Delta File
+1 -1 sys/dev/acpica/acpi_thermal.c
+1 -1 1 file

DragonFlyBSD — sys/vfs/hammer2 hammer2_strategy.c hammer2_chain.c

hammer2 - xop stabilization - part 2/many

* The xop mechanics do a quorum calculation, and will also do quorum
  calculations for the inode cluster (not yet in).  This calculation is
  primarily based on the bref.modify_tid.

  Each backend XOP now needs its own modify_tid to properly distinguish
  between and eventually serialize dependent backend ops.

* Implement discrete modify_tid (mtid) reservations in
  hammer2_xop_alloc().  Remove the old modify_tid reservation code that only
  incremented it on a per-flush basis.

* The flush code will acquire a unique modify_tid which is greater than all
  prior modify_tids in stage 2 (after it clears PREFLUSH).

* The hammer2_xop_alloc() code is too messy returning the union structure,
  return a void * instead so the caller can just assign it to the correct
  sub-union structure.

DragonFlyBSD — sys/cpu/x86_64/include atomic.h

kernel - Add atomic_fetchadd_64()

* Add an atomic_fetchadd_64() function which hammer2 needs.  This might
  not be possible on e.g. 32-bit architectures for porting purposes but
  for now I don't want to put a lock around the hammer2 functions that
  need it.
Delta File
+1 -0 sys/cpu/x86_64/include/atomic.h
+1 -0 1 file

DragonFlyBSD — sbin/hammer2 cmd_pfs.c, sys/vfs/hammer2 hammer2_thread.c hammer2_inode.c

hammer2 - xop stabilization - part 1/many

* Create XOP threads on-demand, they are needed sometimes even on PFSs
  which don't normally need it.

* For spmp roots, count PFSTYPE_SUPROOT as a master to simplify the cluster
  validation code.

* Allow hammer2_inode_get() to only repoint part of an inode's cluster.

* Stabilize the slave synchronizer (a little, requires more).

* Remove more dead code.

DragonFlyBSD — usr.sbin/powerd powerd.c powerd.8

powerd: Support Intel Performance and Energy Bias Hint

According to <<Intel Software Developer's Manual>>
"... guide the hardware heuristic of power management features to favor
 increasing dynamic performance or conserve energy consumption."

hint 0  - Max performance.
hint 15 - Max energy saving.

DragonFlyBSD — sys/dev/acpica acpi_timer.c

Convert acpi_timer to using ACPICA functions.
Delta File
+31 -101 sys/dev/acpica/acpi_timer.c
+31 -101 1 file

DragonFlyBSD — sys/vfs/hammer2 hammer2_thread.c hammer2_cluster.c

hammer2 - Refactor frontend part 17

This ends the major refactoring.  All major cluster ops have been converted
to XOPs.  The new XOP APIs will be stabilized in subsequent commits, issues
will primarily be slave scan deadlocks.

* Refactor the fsync and slave scan code to use the XOP interface.

* Cleanup hammer2_cluster.c, removing numerous functions which are no
  longer used.

DragonFlyBSD — sbin/hammer2 cmd_setcomp.c, usr.bin/evtranalyze evtranalyze.c

Fix some typos in variable names.

DragonFlyBSD — usr.sbin/powerd powerd.c

powerd: Save usched mask for later use, e.g. by perf-energy bias
Delta File
+46 -19 usr.sbin/powerd/powerd.c
+46 -19 1 file

DragonFlyBSD — sys/cpu/x86_64/include types.h

cpumask: Add XORMASK
Delta File
+7 -0 sys/cpu/x86_64/include/types.h
+7 -0 1 file

DragonFlyBSD — sys/platform/pc64/acpica acpi_machdep.c

kernel/acpica: Simplify machine dependent initialization a bit.

DragonFlyBSD — sys/dev/acpica acpi_cpu_pstate.c

acpi/pstate: Allow users to set _PDL

Reported-by: swildner
Delta File
+22 -0 sys/dev/acpica/acpi_cpu_pstate.c
+22 -0 1 file

DragonFlyBSD — sys/dev/acpica acpi_cpu_pstate.c, usr.sbin/powerd powerd.c

acpi/pstate: Rename sysctl node available_bin to avail

And hide sysctl node available from sysctl list.

DragonFlyBSD — lib/libipfw3/basic ipfw3_basic.c, lib/libipfw3/dummynet ipfw3_dummynet.c

ipfw3: join same filters with or operator

        ipfw3 add allow icmp to <ip addr 1> or <ip addr 2> ...

DragonFlyBSD — sys/boot/common do_dloader.c

dloader: Bump the max. line length in includes (e.g. loader.conf) to 1024.

Some ACPICA debugging settings (such as a lists of layers and levels for
debug.acpi.layer and debug.acpi.level, see acpi(4)) can easily get longer
than 256.

Another likely candidate are hw.acpi.{install,remove}_interface.
Delta File
+1 -1 sys/boot/common/do_dloader.c
+1 -1 1 file

DragonFlyBSD — sys/contrib/dev/acpica/source/components/debugger dbinput.c

acpiexec(8): Fix a crash with the '!!' command.

Taken from the ACPICA repository.

ACPICA commit log:

commit 3715a26caadc1847940e2759490410748a433b59
Author: Robert Moore <Robert.Moore at intel.com>
Date:   Wed Jun 24 08:42:44 2015 -0700

    Debugger: Fix problem with the !! command.

    Prevent infinite loop caused by incorrectly entering the !!
    command into the history buffer. ACPICA BZ 1171.

DragonFlyBSD — sbin/hammer2 cmd_debug.c cmd_setcheck.c, sbin/newfs_hammer2 newfs_hammer2.c

hammer2 - Refactor frontend part 16/many

* Replace cluster ops with more frontend/backend XOPs.  Use XOPs to
  resolve the root inode, handle the hidden directory, create the
  hidden directory, and to run the unlinkq in the hidden directory.

* Cleanup additional cluster ops that can use ip->meta instead.

* Simplify hammer2_inode_unlock(), it is no longer cluster-centric so
  do not pass-in a cluster to unlock and drop.

* hammer2 show - dump pfs fields for the super-root

* hammer2 set* directives, change the HAMMER2IOC_INODE_SET API slightly.

* newfs_hammer2 - name the super root directory for show output convenience.

DragonFlyBSD — libexec/rtld-elf rtld.h

rtld(1): Use standard boolean type from <stdbool.h>.
Delta File
+1 -5 libexec/rtld-elf/rtld.h
+1 -5 1 file

DragonFlyBSD — sys/kern lwkt_ipiq.c lwkt_thread.c, sys/netinet in_cksum.c

kernel: Use 'normal' types (i.e., uint8_t instead of __uint8_t).