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FreeBSD — head/sys/kern kern_prot.c

Use a temporary buffer in sys_setgroups for requests with <= XU_NGROUPS groups.

Submitted by:        Tiwei Bie <btw mail.ustc.edu.cn>
X-Additional: JuniorJobs project
MFC after:        2 weeks
Delta File
+12 -5 head/sys/kern/kern_prot.c
+12 -5 1 file

FreeBSD — head/sys/amd64/include vmm.h, head/sys/amd64/vmm vmm.c vmm_ioport.c

Move the ACPI PM timer emulation into vmm.ko.

This reduces variability during timer calibration by keeping the emulation
"close" to the guest. Additionally having all timer emulations in the kernel
will ease the transition to a per-VM clock source (as opposed to using the
host's uptime keep track of time).

Discussed with:        grehan

FreeBSD — stable/10/sys/arm/freescale/imx imx6_ccm.c

MFC r273353, r273514:

  Attach the imx6 CCM driver during BUS_PASS_CPU.

  Unconditionally enable the clocks for all imx6 devices that we have drivers
  for, or that are required to run the chip (such as busses).

FreeBSD — stable/10/sys/arm/freescale/imx imx_gpt.c

MFC r273352:  Ask for the fastest available clock for the GTP timecounter.

FreeBSD — stable/10/sys/boot/fdt fdt_loader_cmd.c

MFC r273298:

  The U-Boot README says fdt_addr_r is the right env var for fdt data
  loaded into ram, but vendors also use fdtaddr and fdt_addr.  Check the
  recommended variable first and fall back to the others.

FreeBSD — stable/10/sys/arm/freescale/imx imx6_anatop.c

MFC r273283:

  Attach this driver during BUS_PASS_BUS and move the cpu init code to a
  bus_new_pass() handler so it doesn't happen until BUS_PASS_CPU.  This allows
  the anatop driver to outbid the generic simplebus driver (which the FDT
  data describes as compatible).

FreeBSD — stable/10/sys/dev/fdt simplebus.c

MFC r273282:  Fail to probe on simplebus nodes that lack a "ranges" property.
Delta File
+7 -1 stable/10/sys/dev/fdt/simplebus.c
+7 -1 1 file

FreeBSD — stable/10/sys/dev/uart uart_dev_imx.c

MFC r272334, r273004:

  Return the actual baud rate programmed in the hardware rather than 115200.
  This allows the "3wire" entry in /etc/ttys (with no speed specified) to work.

  Use the FIFOs in the imx5/imx6 uart hardware instead of interrupting on
  each byte sent or received.
Delta File
+115 -33 stable/10/sys/dev/uart/uart_dev_imx.c
+115 -33 1 file

FreeBSD — stable/10/sys/arm/arm physmem.c

MFC r272333:  Honor exclusion flags when building the memory lists.
Delta File
+6 -0 stable/10/sys/arm/arm/physmem.c
+6 -0 1 file

FreeBSD — stable/10/sys/dev/fdt fdt_common.c simplebus.c, stable/10/sys/dev/ofw ofw_bus_subr.c ofwbus.c

MFC r272109, r272181:

  Replace multiple nearly-identical copies of code to walk through an FDT
  node's interrupts=<...> property creating resource list entries with a
  single common implementation.  This change makes ofw_bus_intr_to_rl() the
  one true copy of that code and removes the copies of it from other places.

  This also adds handling of the interrupts-extended property.

FreeBSD — stable/10/share/man/man4/man4.arm cgem.4 Makefile

MFC r271907:  Add a man page for the cgem(4) driver.

FreeBSD — stable/10/sys/arm/arm mpcore_timer.c

MFC r271906:

  Make the ARM MPCore Timer driver work with published standard FDT bindings.
Delta File
+183 -106 stable/10/sys/arm/arm/mpcore_timer.c
+183 -106 1 file

FreeBSD — stable/10/sys/arm/arm gic.c, stable/10/sys/arm/freescale/imx imx6_machdep.c files.imx6

MFC r271595, r271601, r271607, r271630:

  Add compat strings for all the flavors of GIC this driver should support.
  Also allow the driver to attach to ofwbus as well as simplebus, some FDT
  data puts the root interrupt controller on the root bus.

  Add a common routine for parsing FDT data describing an ARM GIC interrupt.

  Use gic_decode_fdt() rather than a local routine to parse fdt interrupt
  properties.  Move fdt_pic_table and fdt_fixup_table into imx6_machdep.c,
  which means imx6 doesn't need imx_common.c anymore.

  The private peripheral interrupts start at offset 16, not 0.  Also, use
  names rather than inline mystery constants for these offsets.

FreeBSD — stable/10/sys/arm/arm nexus.c

MFC r271594:

 Fix an undefined variable that was accidentally not causing an error.
Delta File
+3 -3 stable/10/sys/arm/arm/nexus.c
+3 -3 1 file

FreeBSD — stable/10/sys/arm/freescale/imx imx6_iomuxreg.h imx51_iomuxreg.h

MFC r271550, r271591:

  Replace the imx5 and imx6 iomux drivers with a single common driver that
  uses the new fdt_pinctrl interface.

FreeBSD — stable/10/sys/conf files, stable/10/sys/dev/fdt fdt_pinctrl.c fdt_pinctrl.h

MFC 271546:

  Create an interface and support routines for drivers that handle IO pin
  multiplexing and configuration based on FDT data.

FreeBSD — stable/10/sys/conf files

MFC r271535:

  Make inclusion of fdt clock support conditional on fdt_clock, not just fdt.
Delta File
+2 -2 stable/10/sys/conf/files
+2 -2 1 file

FreeBSD — stable/10/sys/arm/include atomic.h

MFC r271310:

  Rename new to newval in inline asm code, to avoid clashes with C++ new.

FreeBSD — head/sys/amd64/vmm vmm_ioport.c

Don't pass the 'error' return from an I/O port handler directly to vm_run().

Most I/O port handlers return -1 to signal an error. If this value is returned
without modification to vm_run() then it leads to incorrect behavior because
'-1' is interpreted as ERESTART at the system call level.

Fix this by always returning EIO to signal an error from an I/O port handler.

MFC after:        1 week
Delta File
+27 -21 head/sys/amd64/vmm/vmm_ioport.c
+27 -21 1 file

FreeBSD — stable/10/sys/boot/arm/uboot help.uboot, stable/10/sys/boot/uboot/common main.c

MFC r271285:

  Add a 'ubenv import' command to import environment variables from the
  u-boot env into the loader(8) env (which also gets them into the kernel

FreeBSD — stable/10/lib/libstand printf.c stand.h

MFC r266878, r266879: Add support for snprintf() to libstand.

FreeBSD — stable/10/sys/arm/conf DIGI-CCWMX53 IMX53-QSB, stable/10/sys/arm/freescale/imx imx6_iomuxreg.h imx6_iomux.c

MFC r271097, r271100, r271101, r271102, r271124:

 - Add a basic iomux driver for imx6.
 - Implement the same public interface in imx51 and imx6 iomux
 - The iomux driver is no longer optional, remove it from kernel configs.
 - Implement the imx_iomux_get/set_gpr() interface for imx6.
 - Stop setting the iomux device status to disabled, now that we have a driver.

FreeBSD — stable/10/sys/arm/conf IMX6, stable/10/sys/arm/freescale/imx imx_i2c.c i2c.c

MFC r268973, r268977: Rename i.MX I2C driver file, enable it on imx6.

FreeBSD — stable/10/sys/arm/conf IMX6, stable/10/sys/arm/freescale/imx imx_gpio.c imx51_gpio.c

MFC r268834, r268835:

 o Enable GPIO device driver for i.MX6.
   It was originally written for i.MX5 and compatible with newer chip.
 o Extend device tree information
 o style(9) fixes
 o Rename gpio driver file.

FreeBSD — stable/10/etc/mtree BSD.root.dist, stable/10/share/man/man7 hier.7

MFC r271057: Create a /boot/dtb directory to house DTB blobs.

FreeBSD — stable/10/sys/arm/freescale/imx imx_iomuxvar.h imx51_iomux.c

MFC r271055, r271084, r271094:

  Add a function to get the frequency of the AHB bus.  Another stopgap
  function until we have full clock support for imx6.

  The imx5x and imx6 chips have an onboard IOMUX device which also contains a
  few "general purpose registers" whose values control chip behavior in ways
  that have nothing to do with IO pin mux control.  Define a simple API that
  other soc-specific code can use to read and write the registers, and provide
  the imx51 implementation of them.

  Fix a typo.

FreeBSD — stable/10/sys/boot/common module.c

MFC r271054:

 When built with FDT support, add /boot/dtb to the list of search directories.

FreeBSD — stable/10/sys/conf files, stable/10/sys/dev/fdt fdt_clock.c fdt_clock_if.m

MFC r270957, r270959:

  Create an interface for drivers to enable or disable their clocks as listed
  in the clocks=<...> properties of their FDT data.

FreeBSD — stable/10/sys/arm/freescale fsl_ocotp.c, stable/10/sys/arm/freescale/imx imx6_anatop.c

MFC r270955,r270956: make the imx6 octop and anatop drivers early attachers.

FreeBSD — stable/10/sys/dev/ofw openfirm.c openfirm.h

MFC r270953, r270958, r270960, r271190, r271199, r271202:

  Create a mechanism for looking up a device_t associated with an ofw/fdt
  xref handle, and for registering that association.  Also use the same data
  for faster translations between node and xref handles.

  Add OF_xref_from_device() so that there's no need to have an intermediate
  call to ofw_bus_get_node() to lookup info that's already in the xreflist.

  When registering an association between a device and an xref phandle, create
  an entry in the xref list if one doesn't already exist for the given handle.

FreeBSD — head/sys/kern kern_sysctl.c

Now that sysctl_root is only called with sysctl lock in shared mode, update
its assertion to require that.

Update comment missed in r273400: sysctl_xlock/unlock -> sysctl_xlock/xunlock

Noted by: jhb
Delta File
+3 -2 head/sys/kern/kern_sysctl.c
+3 -2 1 file

FreeBSD — head/release Makefile

Fix a few issues with creating VOLUME_LABEL for the
installation ISOs:

 - TYPE, BRANCH, and REVISION are only defined if
   OSRELEASE is not defined, so in situations where
   one might set OSRELEASE for an in-house ISO build,
   VOLUME_LABEL would be empty.

 - makefs(8) limits the volume label to 32 characters,
   which for the powerpc64 case, OSRELEASE expands to
   FreeBSD-11.0-CURRENT-powerpc-powerpc64.  Even with
   removing the prefixing 'FreeBSD-', the string is 30
   characters long, leaving zero room for suffixing the
   type of ISO media (BO for bootonly, CD for cdrom, and
   DVD for dvdrom).

Resolve these by defining VOLUME_LABEL when defining
OSRELEASE if unset.  If OSRELEASE is defined by the
builder, use the OSRELEASE from that definition as the

In addition, for cases where both TARGET and TARGET_ARCH
are used for the VOLUME_LABEL, use TARGET_ARCH if it
differs from TARGET.

    [9 lines not shown]
Delta File
+5 -1 head/release/Makefile
+5 -1 1 file

FreeBSD — stable/10/sys/arm/arm nexus.c, stable/10/sys/arm/at91 at91_pinctrl.c

MFC r270945:

Rename OF_xref_phandle() to OF_node_from_xref() and add a new function
that provides the inverse translation, OF_xref_from_node().

FreeBSD — stable/10/sys/arm/at91 at91_pinctrl.c at91_pio.c

MFC r270025:

Implement the FDT static pinctl/pinmux spec for Atmel.

FreeBSD — stable/10/sys/arm/rockchip rk30xx_gpio.c

MFC r257200, r259121, r261410, r265853:

 - Remove #include <machine/frame.h>.
 - Add gpio parse routines according to sys/boot/fdt/dts/bindings-gpio.txt.
 - Follow r261352 by updating all drivers which are children of simplebus
   to check the status property in their probe routines.
 - Rename platform_gpio_init to be SoC specific, and make it static as it's
   only called from this file.

This is mostly catching up on some old MFCs that were done before this file
existed in the 10 branch.

FreeBSD — projects/routing/sys/net rt_nhops.h rt_nhops.c, projects/routing/sys/netinet6 icmp6.c in6_src.c

Convert several places inside netinet6/ to new api.

FreeBSD — projects/routing/sys/ofed/drivers/infiniband/core addr.c

Convert ofed to use new routing api.

FreeBSD — head/sys/dev/acpica acpi_hpet.c

Set the caching mode for the usermode mapping of the HPET registers
page to uncached.

Reviewed by:        rpaulo
Sponsored by:        The FreeBSD Foundation
MFC after:        1 week
Delta File
+1 -0 head/sys/dev/acpica/acpi_hpet.c
+1 -0 1 file

FreeBSD — head/sys/kern kern_umtx.c

Use correct type in __DEVOLATILE().
Delta File
+2 -1 head/sys/kern/kern_umtx.c
+2 -1 1 file

FreeBSD — stable/10/sys/arm/conf ZEDBOARD, stable/10/sys/arm/xilinx zy7_slcr.c zy7_slcr.h

MFC r268633, r271046:

  Fixes and enhancements for the if_cgem driver...

  - miibus fixes as suggested by Yonghyeon Pyun.
  - enable VLAN MTU support.
  - fix a few WITNESS complaints in cgem_attach().
  - have cgem_attach() properly init the ifnet struct before calling
    mii_attach() to fix panic when using e1000phy.
  - fix ethernet address changing.
  - fix transmit queue overflow handling.
  - tweak receive queue handling to reduce receive overflows.
  - bring out MAC statistic counters to sysctls.
  - add e1000phy to config file.
  - implement receive hang work-around described in reference guide.
  - change device name from if_cgem to cgem to be consistent with other

  Fix the Zedboard/Zynq ethernet driver to handle media speed changes so
  that it can connect to switches at speeds other than 1gb.

FreeBSD — head/share/man/man3 pthread_cleanup_pop.3 pthread_cleanup_push.3

Clarify that pthread_cleanup_push()/pop() are implemented as macros that
create a new code block and thus must be balanced at the same lexical
scope.  (This is also a requirement in POSIX.)

PR:                194280
Submitted by:        dr2867.business at pacbell.net
MFC after:        1 week

FreeBSD — projects/routing/sys/netpfil/pf pf.c

Convert last piece of pf to use fib4_lookup_nh_ext().

FreeBSD — projects/routing/sys/contrib/ipfilter/netinet ip_fil_freebsd.c, projects/routing/sys/dev/cxgb/ulp/iw_cxgb iw_cxgb_cm.c

* Convert TOE framework to use new routing api.
* Add fib6_lookup_nh_ext().
* Rename union structures:
  nhop64_basic -> nhopu_basic,
  nhop64_extended -> nhopu_extended

FreeBSD — head/sys/cddl/compat/opensolaris/kern opensolaris_lookup.c, head/sys/cddl/contrib/opensolaris/uts/common/fs gfs.c

This change addresses 4 bugs in ZFS exposed by Richard Kojedzinszky's
crash.sh script attached to FreeNAS bug 4109:

Three are in the snapshot layer:
a) AVG explains in his notes: https://wiki.freebsd.org/AvgVfsSolarisVsFreeBSD

"VOP_INACTIVE must not do any destructive actions to a vnode
and its filesystem node, nor invalidate them in any way."
gfs_vop_inactive and zfsctl_snapshot_inactive did just that. In
OpenSolaris VOP_INACTIVE is much closer to FreeBSD's VOP_RECLAIM.
Rename & move them to gfs_vop_reclaim and zfsctl_snapshot_reclaim
and merge in the requisite vnode_destroy from zfsctl_common_reclaim.

b) gfs_lookup_dot and various zfsctl functions do not honor the
FreeBSD VFS convention of only locking from the root downward. When
looking up ".." the convention is to drop the current leaf vnode lock before
acquiring the directory vnode and then subsequently re-acquiring the lock on the
leaf vnode. This fixes that in all the places that our exercised by crash.sh.

c) The snapshot may already be unmounted when the directory vnode is reclaimed.
Check for this case and return.

One in the common layer:
d) Callers of traverse expect the reference to the vnode passed in to be

    [12 lines not shown]

FreeBSD — head/sys/cam/ctl ctl.c

Add support for 12/16-byte EUI and 16-byte NAA IDs.

MFC after:        1 week
Delta File
+41 -7 head/sys/cam/ctl/ctl.c
+41 -7 1 file

FreeBSD — projects/routing/sys/net rt_nhops.c rt_nhops.h, projects/routing/sys/netinet ip_fastfwd.c ip_output.c

* Increase nh_flags to be u16 thus reducing nhop payload to be 48 bytes
* Use NHF_ namespace for all nhop flags
* Rename nhop_data -> nhop_prepend
* Rename fib4_lookup_nh_extended -> fib4_lookup_nh_ext
* Add "flags" argument to fib4_lookup_nh_ext() to specify whether we want
  returned nh_ext structure to be refcounted or not.

FreeBSD — head/sys/geom geom_disk.c, head/sys/kern vfs_bio.c

Revert somewhat hackish geom_disk optimization, committed as part of r256880,
and the following r273143 commit, supposed to workaround introduced issue by
quite innocent-looking change.

While there is no clear understanding why, but r273143 is accused in data
corruption in some environments with high I/O load.  I personally don't see
any problem in that commit, and possibly it is just a trigger to some other
bug somewhere, but better safe then sorry for now.

Requested by:        scottl@
MFC after:        3 days
Delta File
+16 -41 head/sys/geom/geom_disk.c
+3 -1 head/sys/kern/vfs_bio.c
+19 -42 2 files

FreeBSD — stable/9/sys/dev/usb/wlan if_run.c

MFC r270643, r273448:
- Fix typo: s/mac_rev/mac_ver/
- Fix the kernel panic in hostap mode.
  rvp->beacon_mbuf was NULL in run_update_beacon().

FreeBSD — stable/10/sys/dev/usb/wlan if_run.c

MFC r273448:
Fix the kernel panic in hostap mode.
rvp->beacon_mbuf was NULL in run_update_beacon().

PR:        189405
Submitted by:        Gabor Simon <gabor.simon75 at gmail.com>

FreeBSD — head/usr.sbin/ctld ctld.c isns.c

Add basic iSNS client to the iSCSI target.

This makes ctld(8) register its iSCSI targets and portals on configured
iSNS servers to allow initiators find them without active discovery.

Fetching of allowed initiators from iSNS is not implemented now, so target
ACLs still should be configured manually.

Reviewed by:        trasz@
MFC after:        1 month
Sponsored by:        iXsystems, Inc.