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NetBSD — sys/kern kern_exec.c

Make check_exec() errors print the name of the binary that fails to
Delta File
+4 -4 sys/kern/kern_exec.c
+4 -4 1 file

NetBSD — sys/dev/pci pcidevs.h pcidevs_data.h


NetBSD — sys/dev/pci if_msk.c pcidevs

update entry for Marvel Yukon 8058, and fix URL for pci ids (Rocky Hotas)
Delta File
+3 -3 sys/dev/pci/if_msk.c
+3 -3 sys/dev/pci/pcidevs
+6 -6 2 files

NetBSD — sys/dev/pci if_wm.c

 On I219, drop TARC0 bit 28 for DMA hang workaround (from Linux).
Delta File
+12 -4 sys/dev/pci/if_wm.c
+12 -4 1 file

NetBSD — sys/net if_media.c

No functional change:
 - Simplify ifmedia_removeall using with ifmedia_delete_instance(IFM_INST_ANY).
 - KNF.
Delta File
+9 -16 sys/net/if_media.c
+9 -16 1 file

NetBSD — sys/arch/acorn32/eb7500atx rside.c, sys/arch/acorn32/mainbus wdc_pioc.c

move ata_queue_alloc(1) and ata_queue_free() calls to ata_channel_init()
and ata_channel_destroy() respectively, to make attachment code simpler,
and to make it easier to spot special queue manipulation like cmdide(4)

on topic of PR kern/52606
Delta File
+3 -16 sys/dev/pci/cmdide.c
+3 -12 sys/dev/pci/pciide_common.c
+12 -2 sys/dev/ata/ata_subr.c
+3 -10 sys/dev/pci/pdcsata.c
+3 -9 sys/dev/pci/satalink.c
+3 -9 sys/dev/pci/cypide.c
+95 -147 40 files not shown
+122 -205 46 files

NetBSD — tests/net/ipsec t_ipsec_misc.sh

Add test cases for one SP with multiple SAs

These are for a bug reported recently which modifies SPs accidentally.
Delta File
+93 -1 tests/net/ipsec/t_ipsec_misc.sh
+93 -1 1 file

NetBSD — tests/net net_common.sh

Suppress name resolution
Delta File
+3 -3 tests/net/net_common.sh
+3 -3 1 file

NetBSD — tests/net/ipsec common.sh t_ipsec_misc.sh

Fix incomplete SP setups

NetBSD — tests/net net_common.sh

Show packet counters
Delta File
+2 -2 tests/net/net_common.sh
+2 -2 1 file

NetBSD — sys/arch/amd64/conf GENERIC

add bwfm
Delta File
+3 -2 sys/arch/amd64/conf/GENERIC
+3 -2 1 file

NetBSD — sys/dev/usb usbdevices.config

Add bwfm
Delta File
+2 -1 sys/dev/usb/usbdevices.config
+2 -1 1 file

NetBSD — sys/conf files, sys/dev/ic bwfm.c bwfmreg.h

Add driver for Broadcom 802.11a/b/g/n/ac USB wireless devices, based on
the OpenBSD bwfm(4) driver.

NetBSD — sys/dev/usb usbdevs_data.h usbdevs.h

Delta File
+3,084 -3,069 sys/dev/usb/usbdevs_data.h
+7 -2 sys/dev/usb/usbdevs.h
+3,091 -3,071 2 files

NetBSD — sys/dev/usb usbdevs

Add USB IDs for Broadcom BCM43236, BCM43143, BCM43242, and BCM43569 USB
wireless devices.
Delta File
+6 -1 sys/dev/usb/usbdevs
+6 -1 1 file

NetBSD — sys/dev/ata wd.c ata_subr.c

more detailed debug info; also sync DEBUG_* values in wd.c with ata.c
Delta File
+12 -7 sys/dev/ata/wd.c
+12 -4 sys/dev/ata/ata_subr.c
+6 -6 sys/dev/ata/ata.c
+30 -17 3 files

NetBSD — sys/arch/amd64/amd64 locore.S

Use cmpw.
Delta File
+3 -3 sys/arch/amd64/amd64/locore.S
+3 -3 1 file

NetBSD — sys/dev/pci cmdide.c pciidevar.h

replace the chek for the shared channel of cmdide(4) a flag of the
product array, rather than switch inside attach routine

XXX judging from product name, Silicon Image 0680 might be newer than 0649
XXX and hence have actually independant channels, but I don't have the hw
XXX so keeping as-is

no functional change, just to improve visibility in course of fixing
PR kern/52606
Delta File
+13 -22 sys/dev/pci/cmdide.c
+2 -1 sys/dev/pci/pciidevar.h
+15 -23 2 files

NetBSD — sys/arch/amd64/amd64 locore.S machdep.c, sys/arch/x86/x86 sys_machdep.c

Improve our segregs model. Pass 2/3.

Treat %fs the same way we treat %ds and %es. For a new 32bit LWP %fs is
set to GUDATA32_SEL, and always updated in INTRFASTEXIT.

This solves an important issue we had until now: we couldn't handle the
faults generated by the "movw $val,%fs" instructions, because they were
deep into the kernel context. Now %fs can fault only in INTRFASTEXIT,
which is safe.

Note that it also fixes a bug I believe affected the kernel: on AMD CPUs,
setting %fs to zero does not flush the internal register state, and
therefore we could leak the %fs base address when context-switching. This
being said, I couldn't trigger the issue on the AMD cpu I have. Whatever,
it's fixed now, since we first set %fs to GUDATA32 - which does flush the
register state.

NetBSD — sys/arch/amd64/acpi acpi_wakeup_low.S, sys/arch/amd64/amd64 locore.S machdep.c

Improve our segregs model. Pass 1/3.

Right now, we are saving and restoring %ds/%es each time we enter/leave the
kernel. However, we let %fs/%gs live in the kernel space, and we rely on
the fact that when switching to an LWP, %fs/%gs are set right away (via
cpu_switchto or setregs).

It has two drawbacks: we are taking care of %ds/%es while they are
deprecated (useless) on 64bit LWPs, and we are restricting %fs/%gs while
they still have a meaning on 32bit LWPs.

Therefore, handle 32bit and 64bit LWPs differently:
 * 64bit LWPs use fixed segregs, which are not taken care of.
 * 32bit LWPs have dynamic segregs, always saved/restored.

For now, only %ds and %es are changed; %fs and %gs will be in the next

The trapframe is constructed as usual. In INTRFASTEXIT, we restore %ds/%es
depending on the %cs value. If %cs contains one of the two standard 64bit
selectors, don't do anything. Otherwise, restore everything.

When doing a context switch, just restore %ds/%es to their default values.
On a 32bit LWP they will be overwritten by INTRFASTEXIT; on a 64bit LWP
they won't be updated.

    [2 lines not shown]

NetBSD — sys/arch/arm/nvidia tegra_pcie.c

Don't call tegra_pcie_reset_port for now - it makes tk1 re @ pci not work
Delta File
+6 -2 sys/arch/arm/nvidia/tegra_pcie.c
+6 -2 1 file

NetBSD — sys/net if_l2tp.c

    fix l2tp panic when l2tp session id is changed (same as if_vlan.c:r1.104)
    E.g. the following operation causes this panic.
        # ifconfig l2tp0 create
        # ifconfig l2tp0 session 140 140
        # ifconfig l2tp1 create
        # ifconfig l2tp1 session 200 200
        # ifconfig l2tp1 session 300 300
        panic: kernel diagnostic assertion "new->ple_next == NULL" failed: file 
"/disk4/home/k-nakahara/repos/netbsd-src/sys/sys/pslist.h", line 118
    Pointed out by s-yamaguchi at IIJ, thanks.
    XXX need pullup-8
Delta File
+4 -2 sys/net/if_l2tp.c
+4 -2 1 file

NetBSD — sys/arch/amd64/amd64 netbsd32_machdep.c machdep.c, sys/compat/linux/arch/amd64 linux_machdep.c

Always mask the 16 bits of the segregs in the trapframe. We don't zero-
extend the uint64_t's when building it, so we're leaking 48 bits of kernel
stack to userland.

Having said that, it appears that I unintentionally fixed most of this
issue in locore.S::rev1.127 - by building the frame with interrupts
disabled, we are implicitly guaranteeing that the structure doesn't get
overwritten by the kernel. Which means, we are leaking to userland data
that comes from userland anyway.

(still other places with this issue, but I'll fix them differently)

NetBSD — sys/arch/amd64/amd64 process_machdep.c

Make sure we don't go farther with 32bit LWPs. There appears to be some
confusion in the code - in part introduced by myself -, and clearly this
place is not supposed to handle 32bit LWPs.

Right now we're returning EINVAL, but verily we would need to redirect
these calls to their netbsd32 counterparts.

NetBSD — sys/net if_vlan.c

    fix vlan panic when vlan is re-configured without destroy.
    E.g. the following operation causes this panic.
        # ifconfig vlan0 create
        # ifconfig vlan0 vlan 1 vlanif ixg3
        # ifconfig vlan1 create
        # ifconfig vlan1 vlan 1 vlanif ixg2
        # ifconfig vlan1 -vlanif
        # ifconfig vlan1 vlan 1 vlanif ixg2
        panic: kernel diagnostic assertion "new->ple_next == NULL" failed: file 
"/git/netbsd-src/sys/sys/pslist.h", line 118
    Pointed out and tested by msaitoh at n.o, fixed by s-yamaguchi at IIJ, thanks.
    XXX need pullup-8
Delta File
+4 -2 sys/net/if_vlan.c
+4 -2 1 file

NetBSD — sys/arch/x86/include specialreg.h

 Add the following bits in AMD Fn8000000a %edx features (SVM features):
        PFThreshold (PAUSE filter threshold)
        AVIC (AMD virtual interrupt controller)
        V_VMSAVE_VMLOAD (virtualized VMSAVE and VMLOAD)
        vGIF (virtualized GIF)
Delta File
+11 -6 sys/arch/x86/include/specialreg.h
+11 -6 1 file

NetBSD — sys/dev/pci pci_subr.c pcireg.h

 Fix a bug that the TPH ST table is decoded even if it's not in the TPH
Requester extended capability structure.
Delta File
+13 -9 sys/dev/pci/pci_subr.c
+4 -1 sys/dev/pci/pcireg.h
+17 -10 2 files

NetBSD — sys/arch/arm/broadcom bcm2835_cm.h bcm2835_pwm.h

Fix RCSIds

NetBSD — sys/dev/usb usbdi.c

KASSERT -> KASSERTMSG and while I'm here update a comment
Delta File
+5 -4 sys/dev/usb/usbdi.c
+5 -4 1 file

NetBSD — external/lgpl3/gmp/dist configure acinclude.m4

external/lgpl3/gmp build fail in configure phase with "ln -s J /etc/malloc.conf".

patch from pkgsrc/devel/gmp

NetBSD — usr.sbin/cpuctl/arch i386.c

Update from Intel SDM:
 0x55: Xeon Scalable (Skylake)
 0x57: Xeon Phi [357]200 (Knights Landing)
 0x66: Future Core (Cannon Lake)
 0x85: Future Xeon Phi (Knights Mill)
Delta File
+6 -5 usr.sbin/cpuctl/arch/i386.c
+6 -5 1 file

NetBSD — bin/sh jobs.c

Re-factor the code that extracts status from exited jobs, avoiding
code duplication, and reducing the size of /bin/sh by a trivial amount.


This is being done now as there are two other changes forthcoming, both
of which benefit - one would result in even more code duplication without
this, the other might need to alter how this is done, and doing it after this
means there's just one place to change (if required).
Delta File
+42 -31 bin/sh/jobs.c
+42 -31 1 file

NetBSD — sys/net bpf.c

Turn on D_MPSAFE flag of bpf_cdevsw that is already MP-safe

Pointed out by k-goda at IIJ
Delta File
+3 -3 sys/net/bpf.c
+3 -3 1 file

NetBSD — bin/test test.1

Remove unnecessary Tn.
Delta File
+2 -3 bin/test/test.1
+2 -3 1 file

NetBSD — sys/arch/amd64/stand/prekern mm.c

If a branch is already there, use it and don't create a new one. This way
we can call mm_map_tree twice with neighboring regions.
Delta File
+35 -22 sys/arch/amd64/stand/prekern/mm.c
+35 -22 1 file

NetBSD — sys/lib/libsa loadfile_elf32.c

Group the sections into segments, and align to KERNALIGN only between
segments. Prerequisite for other changes. Unfortunately the code is not
very compact, but whatever.
Delta File
+97 -7 sys/lib/libsa/loadfile_elf32.c
+97 -7 1 file

NetBSD — sys/dev/usb if_athn_usb.c

Delta File
+4 -3 sys/dev/usb/if_athn_usb.c
+4 -3 1 file

NetBSD — sys/dev/usb usbdevs_data.h usbdevs.h

Delta File
+1,626 -1,623 sys/dev/usb/usbdevs_data.h
+3 -2 sys/dev/usb/usbdevs.h
+1,629 -1,625 2 files

NetBSD — sys/dev/usb usbdevs

Add Sony UWA-BR100 WLAN adapter
Delta File
+2 -1 sys/dev/usb/usbdevs
+2 -1 1 file

NetBSD — sys/arch/macppc/macppc pic_u3_ht.c

do what freebsd does:
- when disabling an interrupt, disable it on the HT PIC as well
- when establishing an interrupt, don't enable it right away
- program IRQs 0-3 as level, like freebsd does
Now svwsata is almost usable. We still get an interrupt storm but it doesn't
eat up all CPU cycles anymore.
Delta File
+44 -4 sys/arch/macppc/macppc/pic_u3_ht.c
+44 -4 1 file

NetBSD — sys/dev/pci/ixgbe ixgbe.c ixv.c

 Protect ec_multi* with mutex like other MP safe Ethernet drivers.
See if_ether.h rev. 1.66 and related stuff:

NetBSD — bin/test test.1

I have seen (way too often) uses of test(1) that are not defined to
actually work (but just happen to, today, and in some cases, even
that trusts to some luck.)

It has been recently pointed out to me that the man page (ie: this
file) doesn't give any real guidance to what is really acceptable,
and what is not.

The CAVEATS section does note that the grammar is ambiguous, but then
just says that test(1) implements what POSIX requires, and refers
readers to the relevant section of the POSIX standard for more details.
That is probably asking too much of the average reader...

So, add some extra information in the CAVEATS with what is defined to work,
and what should be avoided.   Not all of the POSIX rules are here, but this
might hopefully help script authors avoid some of the pitfalls.
Delta File
+56 -2 bin/test/test.1
+56 -2 1 file

NetBSD — sys/dev/ata ata.c

add newlines to the debug messages
Delta File
+4 -4 sys/dev/ata/ata.c
+4 -4 1 file

NetBSD — sys/arch/x86/include specialreg.h

 Add Turbo Boost Max Technology 3.0 bit.
Delta File
+3 -2 sys/arch/x86/include/specialreg.h
+3 -2 1 file

NetBSD — share/man/man9 do_setresuid.9

Typo: s/processes/process's/ for possession
Delta File
+2 -2 share/man/man9/do_setresuid.9
+2 -2 1 file

NetBSD — sys/netinet sctp_pcb.c sctp_usrreq.c, sys/netinet6 sctp6_usrreq.c

Make SCTP work when IPSEC is also defined.

NetBSD — sys/netinet sctp_pcb.c

Move call to sofree() to end of sctp_inpcb_free() and re-aquire

Logic copied from in_pcb.c.
Delta File
+5 -3 sys/netinet/sctp_pcb.c
+5 -3 1 file

NetBSD — sys/dev/ata ata_wdc.c ata_subr.c, sys/dev/ic wdc.c

reintroduce ATACH_IRQ_WAIT flag for attachments using wdcintr(), only
process the interrupt when the flag is set - this fixes spurious interrupt
during post-reset drive setup in wdc_ata_bio_start(), and wdc_atapi_start()

while those functions set WDCTL_IDS, this seems to be ignored by certain
(maybe all) PCI-IDE controllers; usually the implicit KERNEL_LOCK() would
prevent the interrupt anyway, but not when the start routine is started
from the atabus thread, which doesn't take it

fixes 'panic: wdc_ata_bio_intr: bad state' reported on current-users
by Chavdar Ivanov

NetBSD — sys/dev/ic mvsata.c

no need to clear DMA WAIT flag in mvsata_edma_handle(), it's not needed
by atabus layer
Delta File
+3 -16 sys/dev/ic/mvsata.c
+3 -16 1 file

NetBSD — sys/arch/arm/arm32 vm_machdep.c

Fix eva argument to pmap_remove and passed prot bits in flags for
pmap_enter, i.e. fix previous.
Delta File
+4 -4 sys/arch/arm/arm32/vm_machdep.c
+4 -4 1 file