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OpenBSD — usr.bin/tmux utf8.c arguments.c

Plain stravis() because it will mangle UTF-8 characters, so add
utf8_stravis() which calls our existing utf8_strvis() and use it instead

OpenBSD — usr.bin/tmux arguments.c

Run arguments through vis() as well when printing them.
Delta File
+23 -9 usr.bin/tmux/arguments.c
+23 -9 1 file

OpenBSD — regress/lib/libcrypto Makefile

unhook ocsp test from the default since it currently requires network access and
therefore appears to break in bluhm's test setup
Delta File
+1 -2 regress/lib/libcrypto/Makefile
+1 -2 1 file

OpenBSD — sys/net if_pflow.c

Allow changing of sender ip/port without switching address family.
With this regress tests pass again.
OK benno
Delta File
+27 -36 sys/net/if_pflow.c
+27 -36 1 file

OpenBSD — sys/net if_pflow.c

Allow changing of receiver ip/port without switching address family.
OK benno
Delta File
+20 -17 sys/net/if_pflow.c
+20 -17 1 file

OpenBSD — usr.bin/tmux options.c

Do not reset idx, it has just been set.
Delta File
+1 -2 usr.bin/tmux/options.c
+1 -2 1 file

OpenBSD — usr.bin/tmux options.c cmd-show-options.c

options_match needs to explicitly check for user options.

OpenBSD — sys/arch/i386/i386 vmm.c

i386 version of a fix that went in for amd64 previously

(cpuid cacheline size info)
Delta File
+2 -2 sys/arch/i386/i386/vmm.c
+2 -2 1 file

OpenBSD — usr.sbin/bgpd parse.y

while a u_int is large enough for 32bit-asns, it is not big enough for
some of the magic values we use to indicate '*' or neighbor-as.

fixes "allow from any large-community neighbor-as:*:*"
Delta File
+3 -3 usr.sbin/bgpd/parse.y
+3 -3 1 file

OpenBSD — libexec/spamd spamd.c

- spamd(8)'s -l accepts an IP address as argument to bind(2) and it calls
inet_pton(3) to check if it's valid and since that function doesn't provide
a proper errno (POSIX doesn't mandate to do so) then if a string is given we
may get this message:
spamd: inet_pton: Undefined error: 0

- Instead replace that code to use getaddrinfo(3) from which is possible to get
a proper error message, and at the same time being able to parse IPs and
hostnames (if either the IP or host is not local then the next bind(2) will

- By default without arguments, spamd(8) will still bind(2) to as
it did before

With feedback from deraadt@ and OK beck@
Delta File
+17 -11 libexec/spamd/spamd.c
+17 -11 1 file

OpenBSD — sbin/iked control.c, usr.sbin/bgpd config.c

Nuke some whitespace that keeps poking me in the eye as I try to
steal code.

OpenBSD — usr.sbin/vmd i8259.c vmm.c

Nuke some whitespace that keeps poking me in the eye as I try to
steal code.
Delta File
+9 -10 usr.sbin/vmd/i8259.c
+8 -8 usr.sbin/vmd/vmm.c
+3 -3 usr.sbin/vmd/mc146818.c
+3 -3 usr.sbin/vmd/pci.c
+3 -3 usr.sbin/vmd/virtio.c
+2 -2 usr.sbin/vmd/config.c
+8 -8 4 files not shown
+36 -37 10 files

OpenBSD — share/man/man5 pf.conf.5

"hosts" is optional; from matthew martin
ok henning
Delta File
+3 -3 share/man/man5/pf.conf.5
+3 -3 1 file

OpenBSD — distrib/syspatch bsd.syspatch.mk

rework some of the variables for better directory name handling and
add support for linking against libraries inside the fake root so
that syspatches can include static binaries linked with the fixed libraries
Delta File
+40 -53 distrib/syspatch/bsd.syspatch.mk
+40 -53 1 file

OpenBSD — sys/conf GENERIC

Enable switch(4).

ok jca@, reyk@
Delta File
+2 -2 sys/conf/GENERIC
+2 -2 1 file

OpenBSD — sys/dev/ic athn.c

Add missing malloc(9) return value check in athn_node_alloc().
ok millert@ tom@
Delta File
+2 -2 sys/dev/ic/athn.c
+2 -2 1 file

OpenBSD — sbin/route route.c

In monitor mode, also print the interface mtu of RTM_IFINFO messages.

ok deraadt@ millert@ mpi@
Delta File
+4 -3 sbin/route/route.c
+4 -3 1 file

OpenBSD — sys/uvm uvm_addr.c uvm_map.c

Remove uaddr_hint allocator

The hint allocator would have to check that the
allocation does not overlap with brk, stack or text
areas. This would make the address selectors too
entagled. Just use the rnd allocator for hinted allocations
in case pivots are used. This also reduces the amount of code somewhat.

ok kettenis visa deraadt
Delta File
+11 -128 sys/uvm/uvm_addr.c
+1 -14 sys/uvm/uvm_map.c
+1 -2 sys/uvm/uvm_addr.h
+13 -144 3 files

OpenBSD — sys/net switchofp.c

Make switch(4) compile with debug again.
Delta File
+5 -5 sys/net/switchofp.c
+5 -5 1 file

OpenBSD — sys/net switchofp.c

Initialize swas_actions for set-field with the expected pointer to the
swpld_set_fields vector. This makes write-action work with set-field
Delta File
+3 -3 sys/net/switchofp.c
+3 -3 1 file

OpenBSD — usr.sbin/ripd neighbor.c ripe.h

Keep track of dead peers instead of freeing them right away.

This mimics what ospfd does, and avoids a (mostly harmless)
use-after-free.  Delay suggested by claudio@, ok florian@

OpenBSD — usr.bin/mandoc html.c mdoc_html.c

Completely delete the buf field of struct html and all the buf*()
interfaces.  Such a static buffer was a bad idea in the first place,
causing unfixable truncation that was only prevented by triggering
an assertion failure.  Instead, let the small number of remaining
users allocate and free their own, temporary dynamic buffers,
or for the case of .Xr and .In, pass the original data to be
assembled in print_otag().

OpenBSD — regress/lib/libtls/tls tlstest.c

Correctly tls_config_set_ca_file() return value (no effective change).

Spotted by inoguchi@
Delta File
+2 -2 regress/lib/libtls/tls/tlstest.c
+2 -2 1 file

OpenBSD — sys/net switchofp.c

Fix a panic when set-field with VLAN is set, but no VLANs were
classified in the packet.
Delta File
+6 -3 sys/net/switchofp.c
+6 -3 1 file

OpenBSD — sys/net if_switch.c switchofp.c

Clean-up switch(4) device by removing excess prototypes, verbose debugs
and unused functions.

ok reyk@
Delta File
+3 -36 sys/net/if_switch.c
+1 -5 sys/net/switchofp.c
+4 -41 2 files

OpenBSD — sys/net switchofp.c

Add more action specific validations, unbreak instructions validation
with multiple actions and add more error reports with what went wrong.
Delta File
+91 -21 sys/net/switchofp.c
+91 -21 1 file

OpenBSD — usr.sbin/switchd ofp13.c

Fix OXM parser for set-field messages. Found it the hardway while
testing set-field configuration.
Delta File
+4 -4 usr.sbin/switchd/ofp13.c
+4 -4 1 file

OpenBSD — usr.sbin/nsd configure

Delta File
+9 -9 usr.sbin/nsd/configure
+9 -9 1 file

OpenBSD — usr.sbin/nsd xfrd.c configlexer.lex

Update to nsd 4.1.14
OK sthen@

OpenBSD — usr.bin/mandoc mdoc_html.c html.c

Simplify the usage of print_otag() by making it accept a variable
number of arguments.

Delete struct htmlpair and all the PAIR_*() macros.
Delete enum htmlattr, handle that in print_otag() instead.

Minus 190 lines of code; no functional change except better ordering
of attributes (class before style) in three cases.

OpenBSD — usr.bin/tmux options.c

Correctly handle -style options without all of a corresponding -fg/-bg/-attr.
Delta File
+7 -4 usr.bin/tmux/options.c
+7 -4 1 file

OpenBSD — regress/sys/ffs/nfs Makefile, regress/sys/nfs Makefile

SIGTERM does not reliably terminate mountd(8), use -KILL for cleanup.

OpenBSD — sys/dev/pci mpii.c

Let it compile with debugging enabled
Delta File
+14 -14 sys/dev/pci/mpii.c
+14 -14 1 file

OpenBSD — sys/dev/pci mpiireg.h mpii.c

Clean up SCSI operation status and state defines
Delta File
+17 -19 sys/dev/pci/mpiireg.h
+3 -3 sys/dev/pci/mpii.c
+20 -22 2 files

OpenBSD — usr.bin/tmux cmd-string.c cmd.c

Revert WIP parts of previous I didn't mean to commit yet.

OpenBSD — usr.bin/tmux options.c cmd-string.c

getopt() has a struct option so just return to using options_entry.
Delta File
+54 -54 usr.bin/tmux/options.c
+53 -31 usr.bin/tmux/cmd-string.c
+66 -4 usr.bin/tmux/cmd.c
+28 -27 usr.bin/tmux/tmux.h
+9 -9 usr.bin/tmux/cmd-show-options.c
+7 -10 usr.bin/tmux/client.c
+17 -10 4 files not shown
+234 -145 10 files

OpenBSD — usr.sbin/switchd switchd.conf.5

pasto; snmpd->switchd in sample "include" line. ok reyk@
Delta File
+3 -3 usr.sbin/switchd/switchd.conf.5
+3 -3 1 file

OpenBSD — sys/dev/pv hyperv.c

Make sure we're producing a 64-bit value when shifting left

Reported by brad and kettenis separately; Mark has even sent me a diff
and told to commit it with OK kettenis.
Delta File
+1 -1 sys/dev/pv/hyperv.c
+1 -1 1 file

OpenBSD — sys/net switchctl.c

Fix declaration: vsw_dev2sc has been renamed to switch_dev2sc.
Delta File
+2 -2 sys/net/switchctl.c
+2 -2 1 file

OpenBSD — sys/net switchofp.c

Delta File
+2 -2 sys/net/switchofp.c
+2 -2 1 file

OpenBSD — sys/net switchofp.c

Add missing declarations found with -Wmissing-declarations
Delta File
+22 -4 sys/net/switchofp.c
+22 -4 1 file

OpenBSD — sys/net switchofp.c

The term "pipline" is used in many places, rename it to pipeline.

It was either a typo or a funny abbreviation.

OK rzalamena@
Delta File
+49 -49 sys/net/switchofp.c
+49 -49 1 file

OpenBSD — sys/net switchofp.c

Removed unused function that is a leftover from the old debug code.

OK rzalamena@
Delta File
+1 -12 sys/net/switchofp.c
+1 -12 1 file

OpenBSD — sys/net80211 ieee80211_node.c

Reset block ack state and cancel related timeouts when a HT node disassociates.
The existing code (from damien@) already took care of freeing related buffers
but because block ack state was not reset we were still trying to use these
buffers if the node sent another A-MPDU. This problem only affects 11n hostap.
Fixes kernel crash reported by Timo Myyra on bugs@
Delta File
+2 -1 sys/net80211/ieee80211_node.c
+2 -1 1 file

OpenBSD — sys/net80211 ieee80211_input.c

Prevent wireless frame injection attack described at 33C3 in the talk
titled "Predicting and Abusing WPA2/802.11 Group Keys" by Mathy Vanhoef.

If an attacker knows the WPA group key the attacker could inject a unicast
frame by sending a group-encrypted frame to the AP with addresses set as:
addr1 (receiver): ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff
addr2 (source): MAC of attacker
addr3 (target): MAC of victim client

The AP would forward this frame as unicast, re-encrypted with the pair-wise
session key of the victim client. But an AP should not forward such frames.

Guessing a WPA group key used by an OpenBSD AP is hard because our random
numbers are actually random. So we are not vulnerable to this attack but
we are fixing the forwarding path anyway.

ok mpi@ tb@
Delta File
+14 -7 sys/net80211/ieee80211_input.c
+14 -7 1 file

OpenBSD — regress/sys/net/pflow flow.10_4 flow.10_6

Somewhere between 5.9 and current gen_traffic started to produce one
packet more.
It is a bit unclear when and why this happened but it's not a
regression in pflow (verified with tcpdump), so adjust expected
counters accordingly.

OpenBSD — regress/sys/net/pflow flow.pl flow.10_4

remove duration, it depends too much on the specific setup

OpenBSD — share/man/man5 bsd.regress.mk.5

tweak previous;
Delta File
+4 -4 share/man/man5/bsd.regress.mk.5
+4 -4 1 file

OpenBSD — sys/kern vfs_syscalls.c vfs_subr.c

When traversing the mount list, the current mount point is locked
with vfs_busy().  If the FOREACH_SAFE macro is used, the next pointer
is not locked and could be freed by another process.  Unless
necessary, do not use _SAFE as it is unsafe.  In vfs_unmountall()
the current pointer is actullay freed.  Add a comment that this
race has to be fixed later.
OK krw@
Delta File
+5 -5 sys/kern/vfs_syscalls.c
+5 -4 sys/kern/vfs_subr.c
+10 -9 2 files

OpenBSD — share/man/man5 bsd.regress.mk.5

Add some guidelines how to write regression tests to the bsd.regress.mk(5)
man page.  The goal is that all tests behave alike to make automatic
testing easy.
input and OK schwarze@
Delta File
+73 -2 share/man/man5/bsd.regress.mk.5
+73 -2 1 file