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pkgsrc — parallel/sge distinfo, parallel/sge/patches patch-source_util_arch

Deal with linux 4.x

pkgsrc — doc CHANGES-2015

Updated chat/ejabberd to 15.06
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+2 -1 1 file

pkgsrc — chat/ejabberd distinfo PLIST, chat/ejabberd/patches patch-ae patch-deps_p1__iconv_rebar.config

Update chat/ejabberd to 15.06.

Message archiving
- Add support for message archiving in Mnesia or relational databases.

- Document protocol support and version inside each module and use that
  info in documentation
- Remove deprecated XEP-0090 Entity Time and XEP-0091 Delayed Delivery
- Don't add body element to MUC subject messages
- Do not bounce normal messages sent to unavailable resource

Admin command-line tool
- Fixed several ejabberd commands
- Allow password with ';' passed in ejabberdctl
- Improve ejabberdctl external module install code, allows better
  error checking
- New ping ejabberdctl command to check if the node is up and running
- New commands for Multi-User chat management: get_room_options and

- Add config validation at startup
- Fix include of non yaml config files
- New option hide_sensitive_log_data to hide client IP address in log

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pkgsrc — textproc/xqilla distinfo, textproc/xqilla/patches patch-include_xqilla_framework_XPath2MemoryManager.hpp

include <cstddef> for ptrdiff_t

pkgsrc — math/R Makefile distinfo, math/R/patches patch-src_include_Rinterface.h

Fix symbol visibility.

pkgsrc — mail/thunderbird distinfo, mail/thunderbird/patches patch-mozilla_js_xpconnect_wrapper_XrayWrapper.cpp patch-mozilla_netwerk_ipc_NeckoParent.cpp

More nullptr -> false changes for gcc 5.x

pkgsrc — lang/swi-prolog-jpl Makefile

Make sure we pickup the correct javac.
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+3 -1 lang/swi-prolog-jpl/Makefile
+3 -1 1 file

pkgsrc — doc CHANGES-2015

Updated security/py-ecdsa to 0.13
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pkgsrc — security/py-ecdsa distinfo, security/py-ecdsa/patches patch-setup.py

Remove patch

pkgsrc — security/py-ecdsa distinfo Makefile

Update security/py-ecdsa to 0.13

pkgsrc changes:

- Adjust EGG_NAME

Upstream changes:

* Release 0.13 (07 Feb 2015)

Fix the argument order for Curve constructor (put openssl_name= at the end,
with a default value) to unbreak compatibility with external callers who used
the 0.11 convention.

* Release 0.12 (06 Feb 2015)

Switch to Versioneer for version-string management (fixing the broken
`ecdsa.__version__` attribute). Add Curve.openssl_name property. Mention
secp256k1 in README, test against OpenSSL. Produce "wheel" distributions. Add
py3.4 and pypy3 compatibility testing. Other minor fixes.

pkgsrc — doc CHANGES-2015

Updated x11/xfce4-session to 4.12.1
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pkgsrc — x11/xfce4-session PLIST distinfo, x11/xfce4-session/patches patch-scripts_Makefile.in patch-ac

Update to 4.12.1:
Stable release of xfce4-session for Xfce 4.12.

* Miscellaneous bug fixes:
- Remove AC_CHECK_HEADER_STDBOOL, it was only
  added in autoconf 2.69 and we dont use
  stdbool.h anyway
- Add symlinks to the old icons (Bug #11513)
- Rename action icon names (Bug #11513)
- Gracefully handle the sessions dir being
  readonly (Bug #11307)
- Add ConsoleKit2 support
- Create scripts/xinitrc from scripts/xinitrc.in
  created by configure

* Translation updates:
  Asturian (ast), Bulgarian (bg), Spanish (Castilian) (es),
  Finnish (fi), French (fr), Hebrew (he), Romanian (ro),
  Slovak (sk), Slovenian (sl).

- Add DesktopNames to .desktop file

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pkgsrc — doc CHANGES-2015

Updated x11/xfce4-notes-plugin to 1.8.1
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pkgsrc — x11/xfce4-notes-plugin PLIST Makefile, x11/xfce4-notes-plugin/patches patch-src_Makefile.in

Update to 1.8.1:

=== Release 1.8.1 ===
build: install graphics tabs/ for gtk-2.0 theme (bug #11839) bis
panel-plugin: fit button inside a single panel row
build: install graphics tabs/ for gtk-2.0 theme (bug #11839)

=== Release 1.8.0 ===
gtkrc: always show steppers
gtkrc: theme GtkNotebook
gtkrc: fix top tabs gap
gtkrc: set background tabs less opaque
gtkrc: no need for bg[ACTIVE], use shade on fg[ACTIVE], and redefine tabs
gtkrc: fix syntax and switch fg[NORMAL] to @notes_fg_color
build: remove soname versioning and install panel plugin to
build: bump automake to 1.13
build: adjust to newer AM/AC macros
build: Uinstall hook for icon cache file

pkgsrc — doc CHANGES-2015

Updated time/xfce4-orage to 4.12.1
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pkgsrc — time/xfce4-orage distinfo PLIST, time/xfce4-orage/patches patch-panel-plugin_Makefile.in

Update to 4.12.1:

Release 4.12.1
Fixed critical bug preventing the use of panel plugin due to wrong name.

Release 4.12.0
Mainly translation updates.

pkgsrc — doc CHANGES-2015

Updated sysutils/xfce4-xkb-plugin to 0.7.1
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pkgsrc — sysutils/xfce4-xkb-plugin PLIST distinfo, sysutils/xfce4-xkb-plugin/patches patch-panel-plugin_Makefile.in

Update to 0.7.1:
2015-02-27 18:29
    * New version 0.7.1 - to be used with xfce4-settings 4.11 or later;
      do *not* use this version with XFCE 4.8 or 4.10, it won't work!
    * Many translation updates
    * Fix crash in xkb_util_normalize_group_name
    * Add Montenegrin flag; add el.svg as a synonym for gr.svg

pkgsrc — doc CHANGES-2015

Updated www/p5-Mojolicious to 6.12
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pkgsrc — doc CHANGES-2015 TODO

Updated multimedia/ffmpeg2 to 2.7.1; graphics/lensfun to 0.3.1
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+4 -1 doc/CHANGES-2015
+1 -2 doc/TODO
+5 -3 2 files

pkgsrc — www/p5-Mojolicious distinfo Makefile

Update to 6.12

Upstream changes:
6.12  2015-06-18
  - Welcome to the Mojolicious core team Dan Book.
  - Added TO_JSON method to Mojo::Collection. (wttw)
  - Added find_packages function to Mojo::Loader.
  - Fixed bug in Mojo::Message where multipart content would get downgraded

pkgsrc — multimedia/ffmpeg2 distinfo Makefile.common, multimedia/ffmpeg2/patches patch-configure

version 2.7.1:
- postproc: fix unaligned access
- avformat: clarify what package needs to be compiled with SSL support
- avcodec/libx264: Avoid reconfig on equivalent aspect ratios
- avcodec/flacenc: Fix Invalid Rice order
- tls_gnutls: fix hang on disconnection
- avcodec/hevc_ps: Only discard overread VPS if a previous is available
- ffmpeg: Free last_frame instead of just unref
- avcodec/ffv1enc: fix bps for >8bit yuv when not explicitly set
- avio: fix potential crashes when combining ffio_ensure_seekback + crc
- examples/demuxing_decoding: use properties from frame instead of video_dec_ctx
- h264: er: Copy from the previous reference only if compatible
- doc: fix spelling errors
- configure: only disable VSX for !ppc64el
- ffmpeg_opt: Check for localtime() failure
- avformat/singlejpeg: fix standalone compilation
- configure: Disable VSX on unspecified / generic CPUs
- avformat: Fix bug in parse_rps for HEVC.
- takdec: ensure chan2 is a valid channel index
- avcodec/h264_slice: Use AVFrame dimensions for grayscale handling

pkgsrc — graphics/lensfun Makefile PLIST, graphics/lensfun/patches patch-ae patch-ab

    Release 0.3.1
    Lensfun 0.3.1 maintenance release is out with more than 60 new lens profiles and 
another 30 updated calibrations.
    Other changes:
    Improved performance when used with 32-bit float image buffers
    Introduced automated testing
    lensfun-update-data now also works without root privileges
    Fixed autoscaling for panoramic and equirectangular projections

pkgsrc — doc CHANGES-2015

Updated sysutils/logrotate to 0.9.1
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pkgsrc — sysutils/logrotate Makefile distinfo, sysutils/logrotate/patches patch-Makefile.am

Updated to version 3.9.1. Changelog :
3.9.0 -> 3.9.1
        - Fix off-by-one error which can lead to crash when copytruncate is used.
3.8.9 -> 3.9.0
        - Fix crash when using long dateformat. [nmerdan]
        - Add support for %H dateformat. [czchen]
        - Fix regression introduced in 3.8.9 when when rotating multiple
          logs when one of them is missing.
        - In the debug mode, do not skip the code-path which handles the case when
          the last rotation does not exist. [Sergey Vidishev]
        - Show more precise description when "log does not need rotating".\
        - Add new -l option to log verbose output to file. The file is overwritten
          on every logrotate execution.
        - Allow rotation of sparse files with copytruncate.

PKgsrc changes :
Switched from old Makefile to new building procedure, using autogen,
configure and (g)make, which was introduced in version 3.8.8.
The new patch file contains a workaround to get the new building procedure

pkgsrc — doc pkgsrc.html pkgsrc.txt

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+47 -52 doc/pkgsrc.html
+1 -3 doc/pkgsrc.txt
+48 -55 2 files

pkgsrc — doc CHANGES-2015

Updated sysutils/xfce4-diskperf-plugin to 2.5.5
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pkgsrc — sysutils/xfce4-diskperf-plugin distinfo PLIST, sysutils/xfce4-diskperf-plugin/patches patch-panel-plugin_devperf.c

Update to 2.5.5 (2015/3/3):
* Use the new GtkTooltip API
* Fix a memory leak in the FreeBSD codepath (#11153)
* Add support for FreeBSD (bug #10350)
* New translations: th, ms, bg, oc, hr, en_AU, sr
* Updated translations: ar, ast, bg, cs, de, es, fr, it,
  hr, hu. ko, nb, nl, ug, pl, sv, tr, zh_CN, zh_TW

pkgsrc — doc CHANGES-2015 TODO

Updated x11/xf86-input-vmmouse to 13.1.0
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+2 -1 doc/CHANGES-2015
+1 -2 doc/TODO
+3 -3 2 files

pkgsrc — x11/xf86-input-vmmouse distinfo PLIST, x11/xf86-input-vmmouse/patches patch-configure patch-tools_vmmouse__iopl.c

Update to 13.1.0 (all new patches have already been accepted upstream):

This release is intended for general distro inclusion,
Testing has been performed on various linux distros, FreeBSD 10.1 and
Solaris 11.2.

 This release contains a number of build fixes and also changes to deal with
improved vmmouse port security and backoff if a vmmouse kernel module is
encountered. An additional dependency on libudev is introduced on linux.

Note that if the new linux 4.1 vmmouse functionality is used, the user-space
xf86-input-vmmouse driver can be skipped. Distros that want to keep the
xf86-input-vmmouse driver as a backup should *not* use any version prior to
13.0.99 since those versions would compete with the in-kernel vmmouse driver
for mouse input.

Thomas Hellstrom (1):
      Bump version number for release


Gaetan Nadon (6):
      Autoconf: remove AC_PROG_CC which overrides AC_PROG_CC_C99 from util-macros
      Autoconf: replace deprecated AC_HELP_STRING with AS_HELP_STRING

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pkgsrc — doc CHANGES-2015

Updated time/p5-DateTime-TimeZone to 1.92
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pkgsrc — time/p5-DateTime-TimeZone distinfo Makefile

Update to 1.92:

1.92    2015-06-22

- This distro now depends on DateTime::TimeZone::Local::Win32 when it is being
  installed on a Windows OS. This should lead to a better experience for
  Windows users. Requested by Matthew Horsfall and Karen Etheridge. RT

pkgsrc — doc CHANGES-2015

Updated mail/p5-Net-SMTP-SSL to 1.03
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+2 -1 1 file

pkgsrc — mail/p5-Net-SMTP-SSL distinfo Makefile

Update to 1.03:

1.03    2015-06-20

  - $net_smtp_ssl->isa('Net::SMTP') is now true

pkgsrc — doc CHANGES-2015

Updated www/p5-CGI to 4.21
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+2 -1 1 file

pkgsrc — www/p5-CGI distinfo Makefile

Update to 4.21:

4.21 2015-06-16
- Fix regression of tmpFileName when calling with a plain string (GH #178,
  thanks to Simon McVittie for the report and fix)
Delta File
+4 -4 www/p5-CGI/distinfo
+2 -3 www/p5-CGI/Makefile
+6 -7 2 files

pkgsrc — doc CHANGES-2015 TODO

Updated x11/modular-xorg-server to 1.17.2
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+2 -1 doc/CHANGES-2015
+1 -2 doc/TODO
+3 -3 2 files

pkgsrc — x11/modular-xorg-server distinfo Makefile, x11/modular-xorg-server/patches patch-hw_xfree86_int10_generic.c patch-hw_xfree86_os-support_linux_int10_linux.c

    Update to 1.17.2:
    This picks up a pile of fixes from master.  Notable highlights:
    - Fix for CVE-2015-3164 in Xwayland
    - Fix int10 setup for vesa
    - Fix regression in server-interpreted auth
    - Fix fb setup on big-endian CPUs
    - Build fix for for gcc5
    Complete changelog:
    Aaron Plattner (2):
          xfree86: Fix xf86_check_platform_slot's handling of PCI
          xfree86: Add GPU screens even if there are no active GDevs
    Adam Jackson (1):
          xserver 1.17.2
    Adel Gadllah (1):
          modesetting: Fix software cursor fallback
    Alan Coopersmith (2):
          Clear ListenTransConns entries in CloseWellKnownConnections
          Accept x86_64 as well as i*86 for $host_cpu in Solaris on x86

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pkgsrc — doc CHANGES-2015 TODO

Updated x11/xf86-video-vesa to 2.3.4
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+2 -1 doc/CHANGES-2015
+1 -2 doc/TODO
+3 -3 2 files

pkgsrc — x11/xf86-video-vesa distinfo Makefile

Update to 2.3.4:

Minor update to fix PanelID support.  The minimum xserver version is
now 1.6; if you haven't updated your xserver in the last six years, now
would be a good time.

Adam Jackson (3):
      configure: Drop PanelID test
      Don't include deprecated xf86PciInfo.h
      vesa 2.3.4

Alan Coopersmith (1):
      Raise required version of xorg-server to >= 1.6

pkgsrc — converters/nkf Makefile.common, converters/skf Makefile

sourceforge.jp is renamed to osdn.jp.
However its mirror sites are not ready for osdn.jp.

pkgsrc — doc CHANGES-2015

Updated net/xfce4-wavelan-plugin to 0.5.12
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+2 -1 1 file

pkgsrc — net/xfce4-wavelan-plugin PLIST distinfo

Update to 0.5.12.

pkgsrc — doc CHANGES-2015

Updated x11/xfce4-garcon to 0.5.0
Delta File
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+2 -1 1 file

pkgsrc — x11/xfce4-garcon Makefile distinfo

Update to 0.5.0, this bring a new dependency; gtk3.

pkgsrc — doc CHANGES-2015

Updated x11/xfce4-places-plugin to 1.7.0
Delta File
+2 -1 doc/CHANGES-2015
+2 -1 1 file

pkgsrc — x11/xfce4-places-plugin distinfo Makefile

Update to 1.7.0.

pkgsrc — doc CHANGES-2015

Updated x11/xfce4-eyes-plugin to 4.4.4
Delta File
+2 -1 doc/CHANGES-2015
+2 -1 1 file

pkgsrc — x11/xfce4-eyes-plugin distinfo Makefile

Update to 4.4.4.