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pkgsrc — doc CHANGES-2017

Updated www/firefox52-l10n to 52.5.0
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pkgsrc — doc CHANGES-2017

Updated www/firefox52 to 52.5.0
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pkgsrc — www/firefox52 distinfo Makefile

Update to 52.5.0

Security fixes:
#CVE-2017-7828: Use-after-free of PressShell while restyling layout



A use-after-free vulnerability can occur when flushing and resizing
layout because the PressShell object has been freed while still
in use. This results in a potentially exploitable crash during
these operations.


    Bug 1406750
    Bug 1412252

#CVE-2017-7830: Cross-origin URL information leak through Resource Timing API

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pkgsrc — doc CHANGES-2017

doc: Updated devel/py-h5py to 2.7.1
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pkgsrc — devel/py-h5py PLIST distinfo

devel/py-h5py: Update to 2.7.1

Notable changes since 2.5.0:
- Support for HDF5 Virtual Dataset API
- Add MPI Collective I/O Support

pkgsrc — www/nginx distinfo, www/nginx/patches patch-auto_cc_conf

Add support for LDFLAGS

This notably fixes building with RELRO enabled (without cwrappers).

pkgsrc — lang/rust Makefile distinfo, lang/rust/files config.toml

rust: Restore SunOS support.  Switch back to configure script.

No changes intended on other platforms, the configure script arguments
should be identical to those previously found in config.toml.  Doing it
this way makes it a lot easier to have per-OS configuration.

pkgsrc — doc CHANGES-2017

doc: Updated devel/py-ipython to 6.2.1nb1
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pkgsrc — devel/py-ipython Makefile

devel/py-ipython: Needs py-typing when used with python34

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pkgsrc — multimedia/gst-plugins1-libav distinfo Makefile

Update gst-plugins1-libav to 1.12.3

Bugs fixed in this release
- 784735 : gst-libav: Memory leak and possible crash in avio_alloc_context.

XXX Unfortunately https://trac.ffmpeg.org/ticket/6775 stands.
(ffmpeg 3.4 regression)

pkgsrc — misc/rhash distinfo, misc/rhash/patches patch-Makefile

Remove useless patch

This modification to the Makefile is no longer necessary since the
custom CFLAGS and LDFLAGS are now passed explicitly, instead of through
the environment (which did not work for me).


pkgsrc — doc CHANGES-2017

doc: Updated multimedia/adobe-flash-player to
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pkgsrc — multimedia/adobe-flash-player distinfo Makefile

adobe-flash-player: update to

Upstream announcement:


Adobe Security Bulletin
 Security updates available for Flash Player | APSB17-33

pkgsrc — editors/xemacs-current distinfo Makefile.common, editors/xemacs-current/patches patch-lwlib_Makefile.in.in patch-src_Makefile.in.in

Unbreak SunOS builds (here: OmniOS).

pkgsrc — audio/ladspa Makefile distinfo, audio/ladspa/patches patch-aa patch-plugins_amp.c

More generic fix for CFLAGS and LDFLAGS for audio/ladspa

In the C plug-ins, mark the constructor and destructor functions as
such. While there, comment out a new target to run the tests; they are
broken, but not because of this modification. This allows us to use
cc(1) to link the plug-ins, thus working around a bug in the cwrappers
for ld(1).

Bump PKGREVISION, since this generates a different binary now that SSP
and FORTIFY are enabled.

pkgsrc — doc CHANGES-2017

doc: Updated devel/gradle to 4.3.1
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pkgsrc — devel/gradle distinfo Makefile

Update devel/gradle to 4.3.1.

This bug-fix release addresses several regressions in Gradle 4.3.

- Gradle 4.3 introduced an improvement where an error in resolving a
  module from one repository would prevent Gradle from searching for
  that same module in subsequent repositories. However, the change to
  abort searching repositories on all unrecognized errors proved to be
  too aggressive. With 4.3.1, only repository timeout errors will
  prevent Gradle from searching for a module in a subsequent repository.
- Moreover, the connection and socket timeouts for HTTP/HTTPS requests
  have been increased to 30 seconds.
- This version of Gradle also removes an overload of
  TaskInputs.property which caused statically compiled plugin code to
  use the wrong method when calling TaskInputs.property(..., null).
- Finally, when using --scan the build scan plugin is applied before
  other plugins to avoid rendering a warning message.
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pkgsrc — doc CHANGES-2017

doc: Updated databases/py-cassandra-driver to 3.12.0
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pkgsrc — databases/py-cassandra-driver distinfo Makefile

Update databases/py-cassandra-driver to 3.12.0.

- Send keyspace in QUERY, PREPARE, and BATCH messages
- Add IPv4Address/IPv6Address support for inet types
- WriteType.CDC and VIEW missing
- Warn on Cluster init if contact points are specified but LBP isn't
- Include hash of result set metadata in prepared stmt id
- Add NO_COMPACT startup option
- Add new exception type for CDC

Bug Fixes
- Both _set_final_exception/result called for the same ResponseFuture
- Use of DCAwareRoundRobinPolicy raises NoHostAvailable exception
- Not create two sessions by default in CQLEngine
- Bug when subclassing AyncoreConnection
- Error at cleanup when closing the asyncore connections
- Fix sites where sessions can change during iteration
- cqlengine: allow min_length=0 for Ascii and Text column types
- Rare exception when "sys.exit(0)" after query timeouts
- Dont set the session keyspace when preparing statements
- Use of DCAwareRoundRobinPolicy raises NoHostAvailable exception

- Remove DeprecationWarning when using WhiteListRoundRobinPolicy
- Bump Cython dependency version to 0.27

pkgsrc — textproc/odt2tex distinfo, textproc/odt2tex/patches patch-Makefile

odt2tex: Honor LDFLAGS. Fixes RELRO build.

pkgsrc — doc CHANGES-2017

Note update of sysutils/zabbix{,-frontend} to version 3.2.10.
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pkgsrc — sysutils/zabbix distinfo Makefile, sysutils/zabbix-frontend PLIST

Update to zabbix version 3.2.10.

Pkgsrc changes:
 * for zabbix-frontend, adjust PLIST

Upstream changes:
Changes for 3.2.10

3.2.10rc1 was released as 3.2.10 without any changes

Changes for 3.2.10rc1

New features:
..F....... [ZBXNEXT-1421] added service sorting by name if multiple services
           has same 'sortorder' value (miks)
..F....... [ZBXNEXT-4081] improved error message for case when none of
           supported database modules exists (gcalenko)

Bug fixes:
..F....... [DEV-593] fixed multiple security issues (miks)
........S. [ZBX-11658] fixed error message in case no items were found
           for aggre gated check (gleb)
.......PS. [ZBX-12854] fixed crash of VMware collector with DebugLevel=4 (gleb)
...G...... [ZBX-11902] fixed CPU count for LPAR partitions in IBM AIX (abs)
...G...... [ZBX-12260] fixed windows agent to support UTF-16LE, UCS-2,

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pkgsrc — doc CHANGES-2017

doc: Updated security/vault to 0.9.0
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pkgsrc — security/vault distinfo Makefile

Update security/vault to 0.9.0.


- API HTTP client behavior: When calling `NewClient` the API no longer
  modifies the provided client/transport.
- AWS EC2 client nonce behavior: The client nonce generated by the
  backend that gets returned along with the authentication response
  will be audited in plaintext.
- AWS Auth role options: The API will now error when trying to create
  or update a role with the mutually-exclusive options
  `disallow_reauthentication` and `allow_instance_migration`.
- SSH CA role read changes: When reading back a role from the `ssh`
  backend, the TTL/max TTL values will now be an integer number of
  seconds rather than a string. This better matches the API elsewhere
  in Vault.
- SSH role list changes: When listing roles from the `ssh` backend via
  the API, the response data will additionally return a `key_info` map
  that will contain a map of each key with a corresponding object
  containing the `key_type`.
- More granularity in audit logs: Audit request and response entires
  are still in RFC3339 format but now have a granularity of
- High availability related values have been moved out of the
  `storage` and `ha_storage` stanzas, and into the top-level

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pkgsrc — doc CHANGES-2017

Note update of sysutils/zabbix to 3.2.7nb3.
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pkgsrc — sysutils/zabbix Makefile distinfo, sysutils/zabbix/patches patch-src_libs_zbxsysinfo_common_net.c

Zabbix_agentd is a threaded program, and it tries to muck with the
global `_res' variable.  That's not supported on NetBSD, and IME
causes the zabbix agent daemon to exit shortly after having been started.
Convert to instead using res_ninit(), res_nsend(), and res_nclose().

pkgsrc — devel/p5-Function-Parameters Makefile

p5-Function-Parameters: remove comment about failing test

The reason was a pkgsrc patch for perl5; the patch
has been removed.

pkgsrc — doc CHANGES-2017

doc: Updated lang/perl5 to 5.26.1nb1
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pkgsrc — lang/perl5 Makefile distinfo, lang/perl5/patches patch-dist_Carp_lib_Carp.pm

perl: Remove patch-dist_Carp_lib_Carp.pm

This patch is a workaround for a perl core problem.
The patch has not been accepted upstream, and in its current form
introduces other bugs, see https://rt.perl.org/Ticket/Display.html?id=132448


pkgsrc — doc CHANGES-2017

Note update of textproc/icu to 59.1nb3.
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pkgsrc — textproc/icu Makefile distinfo, textproc/icu/patches patch-i18n_zonemeta.cpp

pkgsrc — doc CHANGES-2017

Updated devel/py-attrs, devel/py-hypothesis
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pkgsrc — devel/py-hypothesis distinfo PLIST

    py-hypothesis: updated to 3.37.0
    This is a deprecation release for some health check related features.
    The following are now deprecated:
    * Passing exception_in_generation to suppress_health_check. This no longer does 
anything even when passed - All errors that occur during data generation will now be 
immediately reraised rather than going through the health check mechanism.
    * Passing random_module to suppress_health_check. This hasn’t done anything for a long 
time, but was never explicitly deprecated. Hypothesis always seeds the random module when 
running @given tests, so this is no longer an error and suppressing it doesn’t do 
    * Passing non-HealthCheck values in suppress_health_check. This was previously allowed 
but never did anything useful.
    In addition, passing a non-iterable value as suppress_health_check will now raise an 
error immediately (it would never have worked correctly, but it would previously have 
failed later). Some validation error messages have also been updated.

pkgsrc — devel/py-attrs distinfo Makefile

    py-attrs: updated to 17.3.0
    Backward-incompatible Changes
    - Attributes are not defined on the class body anymore.
      This means that if you define a class C with an attribute x, the class will *not* 
have an attribute x for introspe
    ction anymore.
      Instead of C.x, use attr.fields(C).x or look at C.__attrs_attrs__.
      The old behavior has been deprecated since version 16.1.
    - super() and __class__ now work on Python 3 when slots=True.
    - Added type argument to attr.ib() and corresponding type attribute to attr.Attribute.
      This change paves the way for automatic type checking and serialization (though as 
of this release attrs does not make use of it).
      In Python 3.6 or higher, the value of attr.Attribute.type can alternately be set 
using variable type annotations
    - The combination of str=True and slots=True now works on Python 2.
    - attr.Factory is hashable again.
    - Subclasses now can overwrite attribute definitions of their superclass.
      That means that you can -- for example -- change the default value for an attribute 

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pkgsrc — textproc/py-sphinx Makefile

py-sphinx: remove py-typing dependency for py35

python-3.5 includes this module.
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pkgsrc — mk/wrapper cmd-sink-mkpie-ld

Really use the parent sink for ld(1)
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+2 -2 mk/wrapper/cmd-sink-mkpie-ld
+2 -2 1 file

pkgsrc — mk/wrapper cmd-sink-mkpie-ld bsd.wrapper.mk

Introduce a command sink for ld(1) with MKPIE

When not using cwrappers, so far PKGSRC_MKPIE was only automatically
applied when linking using gcc(1) (when enabled). This is now also the
case for packages using ld(1) to link executables.

pkgsrc — misc/rhash Makefile

Add support for CFLAGS and LDFLAGS

This notably fixes building with MKPIE or RELRO enabled.

Bump PKGREVISION, since this generates a different binary now that SSP and
FORTIFY are enabled.
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pkgsrc — doc CHANGES-2017

Updated devel/nss to 3.34
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pkgsrc — doc CHANGES-2017

Updated www/firefox-l10n to 57.0
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pkgsrc — devel/nss distinfo Makefile

    Update to 3.34
    The following CA certificates were Added:
    SHA-256 Fingerprint: 
    Trust Flags: Websites
    CN = SSL.com Root Certification Authority RSA
    SHA-256 Fingerprint: 
    Trust Flags: Websites, Email
    CN = SSL.com Root Certification Authority ECC
    SHA-256 Fingerprint: 
    Trust Flags: Websites, Email
    CN = SSL.com EV Root Certification Authority RSA R2
    SHA-256 Fingerprint: 
    Trust Flags: Websites
    CN = SSL.com EV Root Certification Authority ECC

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+2 -3 devel/nss/Makefile
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pkgsrc — www/firefox-l10n PLIST distinfo

Update to 57.0

* Sync with www/firefox-57.0
Delta File
+275 -1,517 www/firefox-l10n/PLIST
+369 -369 www/firefox-l10n/distinfo
+2 -2 www/firefox-l10n/Makefile
+646 -1,888 3 files

pkgsrc — doc CHANGES-2017

Updated www/firefox to 57.0
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pkgsrc — www/firefox PLIST distinfo, www/firefox/patches patch-servo_components_style_properties_gecko.mako.rs patch-servo_ports_geckolib_glue.rs

Update to 57.0

Changelog:  New
    A completely new browsing engine, designed to take full advantage
    of the processing power in modern devices

    A redesigned interface with a clean, modern appearance, consistent
    visual elements, and optimizations for touch screens

    A unified address and search bar. New installs will see this
    unified bar. Learn how to add the stand-alone search bar to
    the toolbar

    A revamped new tab page that includes top visited sites, recently
    visited pages, and recommendations from Pocket (in the US,
    Canada, and Germany)

    An updated product tour to orient new and returning Firefox

    AMD VP9 hardware video decoder support for improved video
    playback with lower power consumption

    An expanded section in preferences to manage all website

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pkgsrc — mk/wrapper arg-source

Recognize more situations where not linking executables

This is only relevant for PKGSRC_MKPIE. It partly reflects a fix that
was committed to the cwrappers for MKPIE, where the "-pie" flag was
automatically added in spite of the linker not actually creating an
Delta File
+2 -2 mk/wrapper/arg-source
+2 -2 1 file

pkgsrc — mk/wrapper bsd.wrapper.mk cmd-sink-mkpie-gcc

Obtain the MKPIE flags from the environment

This solves an issue with the command sink component of the MKPIE
wrapper for GCC, where the contents of the _MKPIE_CFLAGS.gcc and
_MKPIE_LDFLAGS.gcc variables was guessed. It is now communicated to
cmd-sink-mkpie-gcc through the environment instead.

pkgsrc — mk/wrapper cmd-sink-mkpie-gcc

Let the MKPIE command sink for GCC re-use the generic command sink

The cmd-sink-mkpie-gcc component for PKGSRC_MKPIE support on GCC was
lagging behind the generic one. This makes sure it cannot happen again,
by invoking the generic sink right away.
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+2 -10 mk/wrapper/cmd-sink-mkpie-gcc
+2 -10 1 file

pkgsrc — doc CHANGES-2017

doc: update py-openexr
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pkgsrc — graphics/py-fits PLIST

graphics/py-fits: add python2 only entries to PLIST
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+7 -1 graphics/py-fits/PLIST
+7 -1 1 file

pkgsrc — graphics/py-openexr Makefile distinfo

graphics/py-openexr: update to 1.3.0

supports python3