FreeBSD/ports 490697head/sysutils/ltfs pkg-plist Makefile, head/sysutils/ltfs/files

New port: sysutils/ltfs: LTFS for stand alone tape drive

Add a new port for the FUSE based LTFS reference implementation

Reviewed by:    ken
Approved by:    timur (mentor)
Sponsored by:
Differential Revision:

FreeBSD/ports 490696head/x11-fonts/spleen Makefile distinfo

x11-fonts/spleen: Use x11-fonts/vtfontcvt-ng

and drop other workarounds for the buggy/incomplete base vtfontcvt(8).

We still check for /usr/bin/vtfontcvt in the port as an easy way
to exclude the VT option on systems where users have opted out of
vt(4) entirely or on DragonFly where it does not make sense to
provide vt(4) fonts.

FreeBSD/ports 490695head/x11-fonts Makefile vtfontcvt-ng, head/x11-fonts/vtfontcvt-ng Makefile pkg-descr

New port: x11-fonts/vtfontcvt-ng

An improved version of vtfontcvt(8) with support for all font widths
and improved parsing of BDFs (FONT, FONTBOUNDINGBOX, BBX, etc.)
based on patches from


PR:            205707

FreeBSD/ports 490694head/www/p5-HTML5-DOM distinfo Makefile

- Update to 1.15

FreeBSD/ports 490693branches 2019Q1, branches/2019Q1/games/openbor Makefile distinfo

MFH: r489843 r490686

games/openbor: update to 6642

Approved by:    ports-secteam (feld, implicit for snapshots)

FreeBSD/ports 490692branches 2019Q1, branches/2019Q1/emulators/citra distinfo Makefile

MFH: r490685

emulators/citra: update to s20190117

Approved by:    ports-secteam (swills, implicit for snapshots)

FreeBSD/ports 490691branches 2019Q1, branches/2019Q1/emulators/rpcs3 distinfo Makefile

MFH: r490684

emulators/rpcs3: update to

Approved by:    ports-secteam (junovitch, implicit for snapshots)

FreeBSD/ports 490690head/lang/rust-nightly distinfo Makefile

lang/rust-nightly: update to


FreeBSD/ports 490689head/x11-toolkits/wlroots distinfo, head/x11-wm/sway Makefile distinfo

FreeBSD/ports 490688head/multimedia/aom distinfo Makefile

multimedia/aom: update to


FreeBSD/ports 490687head/multimedia/cmrtlib distinfo Makefile, head/multimedia/libva-intel-media-driver distinfo Makefile

multimedia/libva-intel-media-driver: update to 18.4.p5.23


FreeBSD/ports 490686head/games/openbor Makefile distinfo

FreeBSD/ports 490685head/emulators/citra distinfo Makefile

emulators/citra: update to s20190117


FreeBSD/ports 490684head/emulators/rpcs3 distinfo Makefile

emulators/rpcs3: update to


FreeBSD/ports 490683head/devel/llvm-devel pkg-plist distinfo, head/devel/llvm-devel/files patch-tools_clang_lib_Headers_CMakeLists.txt compiler-rt-safestack_platform.h

Update to a new version (LLVM HEAD is now 9.0.0).

Remove clang headers conflicting with FreeBSD headers.  I'd throught
this was nolonger required, but it seems to still be necessicary in at
least some cases.

Submitted by:   Alfredo Dal'Ava JĂșnior
Differential Revision:

FreeBSD/ports 490682head/deskutils/calibre pkg-plist distinfo

Update calibre to 3.38.1

FreeBSD/ports 490681head/lang/gcc7-devel distinfo Makefile

Update to the 20190110 snapshot of GCC 7.4.1.

FreeBSD/ports 490680head/devel/llvm38 Makefile, head/devel/llvm40 Makefile

Remove obsolete conflicts entries referencing clang-devel.

FreeBSD/ports 490679head/emulators/wine-devel distinfo Makefile

Update to RC6 of Wine 4.0 with some further bugfixes and an updated
dependency to version 4.7.5 of the Mono engine (wine-mono-devel).

FreeBSD/ports 490678head/emulators/wine-mono-devel distinfo Makefile

Update wine-mono-devel from upstream 4.7.3 to 4.7.5 with minor changes.

Approved by:    dbn (maintainer, blanket)

FreeBSD/ports 490677head MOVED, head/lang Makefile clang-devel

Remove metaport for clang-devel.

Once upon a time I made lang/clang* metaports to go with devel/llvm* ports.
I stopped several years ago and this is the only one left.  It doesn't
serve much purpose so remove it.

FreeBSD/ports 490676head/security/vuxml vuln.xml

Document helm security advisory

FreeBSD/ports 490675head MOVED, head/lang Makefile clang35

Remove obsolete and unmaintained clang 3.5.

devel/llvm35 remains to support lang/pure.

PR:            230473

FreeBSD/ports 490674head/mail/panda-imap/files patch-src_imapd_Makefile

mail/panda-imap: fix after r490468

Pointy hat:     rene
Submitted by:   pkg-fallout via thierry

FreeBSD/ports 490673head/www/youtube_dl distinfo Makefile

Update to 2019.01.17.

FreeBSD/ports 490672head/devel/phpunit7 distinfo Makefile

Update to 7.5.2

Sponsored by:   Netzkommune GmbH

FreeBSD/ports 490671head/devel/lokalize/files patch-cmake_FindHUNSPELL.cmake, head/net-im/licq-qt-gui Makefile

textproc/hunspell: update to 1.7.0

- Drop const optimization as v2 API moved to nuspell


FreeBSD/ports 490670head/www/rubygem-roda distinfo Makefile

Update roda to 3.16.0

FreeBSD/ports 490669head/net/geoipupdate distinfo Makefile

Update geoipupdate to 4.0.2

FreeBSD/ports 490668head/devel/qtcreator distinfo Makefile

devel/qtcreator: update to 4.8.1

FreeBSD/ports 490667head/net/asterisk13 Makefile distinfo, head/net/asterisk15 Makefile distinfo

Use github helper to get OPUS option distfile.

Suggested by:   mat

FreeBSD/ports 490666head/graphics/pear-Horde_Image distinfo Makefile

Update to 2.6.0

Sponsored by:   Netzkommune GmbH

FreeBSD/ports 490665head/devel/pear-Horde_Core distinfo Makefile

Update to 2.31.7

Sponsored by:   Netzkommune GmbH

FreeBSD/ports 490664head/comms/pear-Horde_ActiveSync distinfo Makefile

Update to 2.39.7

Sponsored by:   Netzkommune GmbH

FreeBSD/ports 490663head/x11-fonts/droid-fonts-ttf Makefile files

Remove outdated PKGMESSAGE

- Bump PORTREVISION for package change

PR:            234852
Submitted by:   0mp

FreeBSD/ports 490662head/net/rubygem-ovirt-engine-sdk distinfo Makefile

FreeBSD/ports 490661head/devel/rubygem-term-ansicolor distinfo Makefile

FreeBSD/ports 490660head/devel/rubygem-rspec-rails distinfo Makefile

FreeBSD/ports 490659head/devel/rubygem-fugit distinfo Makefile

FreeBSD/ports 490658head/devel/rubygem-aws-sdk distinfo Makefile

FreeBSD/ports 490657head/devel/rubygem-aws-sdk-resources distinfo Makefile

FreeBSD/ports 490656head/devel/rubygem-aws-sdk-core distinfo Makefile

FreeBSD/ports 490655head/print/py-fonttools distinfo Makefile

FreeBSD/ports 490654head/devel/py-oslo.service distinfo Makefile

FreeBSD/ports 490653head/devel Makefile rubygem-ddtrace, head/devel/rubygem-ddtrace Makefile pkg-descr

Add rubygem-ddtrace 0.18.2

ddtrace is Datadog's tracing client for Ruby. It is used to trace requests as
they flow across web servers, databases and microservices so that developers
have great visiblity into bottlenecks and troublesome requests.


FreeBSD/ports 490652head/devel Makefile rubygem-opentracing, head/devel/rubygem-opentracing Makefile distinfo

Add rubygem-opentracing 0.5.0

This package is a Ruby platform API for OpenTracing.


FreeBSD/ports 490651head/devel Makefile py-ddtrace, head/devel/py-ddtrace Makefile pkg-descr

Add py-ddtrace 0.20.1

ddtrace is Datadog's tracing library for Python. It is used to trace requests as
they flow across web servers, databases and microservices so that developers
have great visiblity into bottlenecks and troublesome requests.


FreeBSD/ports 490650head/devel Makefile py-opentracing, head/devel/py-opentracing Makefile pkg-descr

Add py-opentracing 2.0.0

This library is a Python platform API for OpenTracing.


FreeBSD/ports 490649head/devel Makefile py-nose-timer, head/devel/py-nose-timer Makefile pkg-descr

Add py-nose-timer 0.7.4

nose-timer is a timer plugin for nosetests that answers the question: how much
time does every test take?


FreeBSD/ports 490648head/devel Makefile py-genty, head/devel/py-genty Makefile pkg-descr

Add py-genty 1.3.2

Genty, pronounced "gen-tee", stands for "generate tests". It promotes generative
testing, where a single test can execute over a variety of input. Genty makes
this a breeze.