NetBSD/src M8lbBQ9tests/usr.bin/awk

   add a range and a repeat regex test.
+27-11 files

NetBSD/src qPpWYiNexternal/historical/nawk/dist b.c

   PR/53885: Martijn Dekker: Add ERE support from
+242-21 files

NetBSD/src iZzJo89sys/dev/sun cgsix.c

   allow font loading, resizing etc.
+22-111 files

NetBSD/src VflbZjsexternal/mit/xorg/server/xorg-server Makefile.Xserver

   link in libexecinfo.

NetBSD/src YGTFdkysys/stand/efiboot boot.c version

   Add support for "bootargs" environment variable from jmcneill@

   Doesn't work with some (all?) u-boots.

NetBSD/src YNK8AItsys/dev/ic ahcisata_core.c

   revert rev 1.73 - while it apparently helped Christos case, it re-broke
   the disk detection on several other systems, so need something else
+4-81 files

NetBSD/src SxIa5sKsys/arch/ia64/ia64 machdep.c

   Add DPRINTF function, use kstack variable for proc0 memory, reorder some functions so 
ci initialized before use
+31-381 files

NetBSD/src P7K666Gsys/arch/ia64/ia64 vm_machdep.c

   hopefully fix deadlock issue in cpu_switchto.  pointed out by <mrg> (Thanks!)
+8-81 files

NetBSD/src 8b40el5distrib/sets/lists/comp md.amd64 md.i386

   - mark gcc=5 files obsolete
   - make includes always available, not only when gcccmds
   - mark files obsolete consistently

NetBSD/src pS9RVKDexternal/gpl3/gcc Makefile, external/gpl3/gcc/usr.bin Makefile

   Descend and build includes even if mkgcccmds=no because we need the header
   files during cross build too.

NetBSD/src aE2cQo7external/gpl3/gcc.old Makefile, external/gpl3/gcc.old/usr.bin Makefile

   Descend and build includes even if mkgcccmds=no because we need the header
   files during cross build too.

NetBSD/src x9dGCt5distrib/sets/lists/comp mi ad.m68k

   If we are building gcc, we always install the include files, otherwise
   we can't build things even when cross-compiling because of missing header
   files (like stdatomic.h). Really all the md/ad header files now will be
   installed when mkgcccmds=no, but I've only fixed m68k.

NetBSD/src gN3qAkYlibexec/ld.elf_so/arch/aarch64 rtld_start.S mdreloc.c

   Adapt to

   This brings us resolving for dynamically loaded libraries and makes
   tests/libexec/ld.elf_so/t_thread_local_dtor pass.

   With suggestions from joerg@

NetBSD/src Lmlzg3Ocrypto/external/cpl/tpm-tools/dist configure, etc services

   Synch with HEAD

NetBSD/src VVsMJZSsys/arch/aarch64/aarch64 aarch64_machdep.c


NetBSD/src 8Gd5AeVsys/dev/pci xhci_pci.c

   Default to USBREV_3_0 if usbrev is unknown.
+4-41 files

NetBSD/src 7jlz0dXbin/sh trap.c

   Finish (hopefully) the second half of 1.47 ... make sure
   that when traps are marked as invalid, we never use them
   for anything except output from the trap command.

   Fixes issues where sub-shells of shells which use traps
   (eg: to trap SIGPIPE) can end up looping forever if the
   signal occurs in a sub-shell (where the trap is supposed
   to be reset to its default).   Reported, and mostly
   analyzed by Martijn Dekker.
+6-61 files

NetBSD/src gr58ClGlibexec/httpd bozohttpd.c

   rework size_arrays():
   - avoid calloc, use bozomalloc
   - minor CSE
   - fix bozoprefs->size setting when increasing the size (new total was
     being added to the prior total.)  found by clang static analyzer
     from rajeev_v_pillai.

   pass httpd to size_arrays() now.
   free(NULL) is legal.
+11-241 files

NetBSD/src mfYZfIfdoc TODO.compat-module

   Add some details to some of the entries.
+24-251 files

NetBSD/src wvDrf51libexec/httpd bozohttpd.c

   fix a few problems pointed out by clang static analyzer, from rajeev_v_pillai:

   - bozostrnsep() may return with "in = NULL", so check for it.
   - nul terminating in bozo_escape_rfc3986() can be simpler
   - don't use uniinit variables in check_remap()
   - don't use re-used freed data in check_virtual().  this one is tricky as
     the original code was:
        request->hr_file = bozostrdup(httpd, request, s ? s : "/");
     however, bozostrdup() may reference request->hr_file.
+14-121 files

NetBSD/src tpis47Ndoc TODO.compat-module

   Some tweaks, some typos.  General clean-up, no significant changes.
+10-101 files

NetBSD/src GnX735Sdoc CHANGES

   add missing notable things i've done since netbsd-8:

        fsdb(8): Add "saveblks" command. [mrg 20170804]
        gzip(1): Add SIGINFO support. [mrg 20170804]
        sparc: Fix time goes backwards. [mrg 20180112]
        midiplay: Add -s option to send all sounds off. [mrg 20180503]
        usb(4): Many fixes to abort issues fixed for all USB controllers.
               [mrg/skrll/riastradh 20180809]
        nullfs(4): Add 32-bit support. [mrg 20180811]
        i915(4): Pull in support for KabyLake CPUs. [mrg 20180913]
        usb(4): Handle most cases of early boot USB keyboard. [mrg 20180916]
        httpd(8): Update to bozohttpd-20181215. [mrg 20181215]
        crashme(9): Add framework for testing kernel crash dumps. [mrg 20190109]
+12-11 files

NetBSD/src DBHU8zTsys/compat/common uipc_usrreq_70.c, sys/dev ccd.c

   Don't restrict hooks to having only int or void types.  Pass the hook's
   type to the various macros, as needed.

   Allows us to reduce diffs to original in at least one or two places (we
   no longer have to provide an additional parameter to the hook routine
   for returning a non-int return value).
+52-6225 files not shown
+155-16531 files

NetBSD/src n86TLFHsys/arch/sparc/dev cgfourteen.c

   don't crash when we're not the console
+4-151 files

NetBSD/src Is5R2Jzsys/sys module_hook.h

   The return value of a hook is not necessarily an error code, so
   rename the variable appropriately.

+5-51 files

NetBSD/src Ywylwlnsys/modules/examples README Makefile, sys/modules/examples/mapper mapper.c cmd_mapper.c

   Add a new example kernel module: mapper

   Basic implementation of mmap.

   Submitted by Akul Pillai.

NetBSD/src EAsHtTYexternal/gpl3/gcc/dist/libsanitizer/asan

   Use the proper stack aligment for the architecture. Fixes broken asan
   tests on i386.

NetBSD/src a3Lq47Jexternal/gpl3/gcc.old/dist/libsanitizer/asan

   Use the proper stack aligment for the architecture. Fixes broken asan
   tests on i386.

NetBSD/src ZJJXMS0sys/arch/amd64/include vmparam.h

   Increase VM_PHYSSEG_MAX from 32 to 64. Saw an example on tech-kern@ of a
   heavily fragmented memory map.
+2-21 files

NetBSD/src HwovxO0external/mpl/bind/include config.h

   Enable stdatomic.h in all except lint (thanks joerg@)

NetBSD/src cISqeT5doc CHANGES-8.1

   Ticket #1164
+26-11 files

NetBSD/src fAsAp0Xsys/dev/mii miidevs.h miidevs_data.h

   regen (ticket #1164)
+9-62 files

NetBSD/src eKIYBZGsys/dev/mii makphy.c makphyreg.h

   Pull up the following (requested by msaitoh in ticket #1164):

        sys/dev/mii/miidevs                  1.128, 1.132 (patch)
        sys/dev/mii/makphy.c                 1.43-1.51
        sys/dev/mii/makphyreg.h               1.7-1.9

   - miidevs: Add E1000 with model id 0x0006, it exists according to
     OpenBSD rename E1000 model 0x0000 to E1000_0 for consistency.
   - Match 88E1112, 88E1118, 88E1512, 88E3082 and G65G.
   - Match 88E3016 and add some 88E3016 specific code. Fixes part of
     PR kern/49270 and PR kern/53301.
   - Make sure page 0 is selected when we initialize the PHY. Fixes
     problems with the eephy(4) that attaches to nfe(4) on machines like
     the Sun Ultra 40. (we had condition for this, now the page 0 is
     selected for any PHY type)
   - If autonegotiation is not enabled, we need a software reset for the
     settings to take effect in makphy_service().
   - Don't set PSCR_CRS_ON_TX on newer. Those chips have no this bit.
   - Control BMCR_PDOWN for IFM_NONE. Some chips still don't work as
     expected. It would be required to modify PSCR and/or other register.
   - Set mii_media_active correctly on non-autonego mode.
   - Remove obsolete comment.
   - Whitespace fix.
+234-823 files

NetBSD/src 1IMJO1bsys/arch/x86/x86 pmap.c

   Simplify pmap_sync_pv: just pass a pa, and build the pte inside.
+21-331 files

NetBSD/src CZKkwrisys/arch/evbarm/conf GENERIC

   Add exynos5422-odroidhc1.dts
+2-11 files

NetBSD/src RkWaaSZsys/arch/arm/altera cycv_clkmgr.c

+12-71 files

NetBSD/src YCC1Reusys/dev/pci ld_virtio.c

   Use cv_broadcast() on "sc_sync_wait" to prevent deadlock
   when more than one thread try to "DIOCCACHESYNC" at the
   same time.
+4-41 files

NetBSD/src 9wRC02Esys/kern kern_threadpool.c

   Use PRIu64 for "uint64_t tp_refcnt".
+3-31 files

NetBSD/src D6G5Z3Busr.sbin/btpand btpand.8

   Add missing width argument to Bl. Remove Pp before It.
+4-51 files

NetBSD/src o0rBSdvlibexec/httpd dir-index-bozo.c bozohttpd.8

   - call this 20190116
   - adjust the directory indexing again:
     - don't include "index.html" in html headers
     - additional escaping of names
     - re-add top/bottom borders
     - adds an aquamarine table header
     - Zebra-stripes table rows using CSS instead of code
     all from "Rajeev V. Pillai" <rajeev_v_pillai at>

NetBSD/src 09PAaDxlibexec/httpd Makefile, libexec/httpd/testsuite t11.out

   add 'check' target to toplevel makefile.

   fix the t11.out output now that CGI parsing works better.

NetBSD/src i0gpj2qlibexec/httpd cgi-bozo.c CHANGES

   - fix CGI '+' param and error handling.
   - remove unused parameter to daemon_poll_err().

   both from "Rajeev V. Pillai" <rajeev_v_pillai at>

NetBSD/src aCvuGb3share/man/man8 compat_netbsd32.8

   compat_netbsd32(8): brief adjustments concerning ARM binary support.
   At present, aarch64 doesn't actually offer OABI compatibility. Also
   note that this provides OABI vs. EABI compatibility for 32-bit ARM
   ports. Addresses the remainder of PR misc/48968.
+5-31 files

NetBSD/src dvAaQgDusr.sbin/btpand btpand.8

   btpand(8): replace dhclient(8) references with dhcpcd(8)

   Addresses part of PR misc/53669.
+4-41 files

NetBSD/src uj2MQtJdistrib/sets/lists/tests mi, tests/net

   Add ATF for ipsecif(4) pfil.

NetBSD/src aYKwBAusys/kern uipc_mbuf.c, sys/netinet ip_input.c

   Fix ipsecif(4) cannot apply input direction packet filter. Reviewed by ozaki-r at n.o and 
ryo at n.o.

   Add ATF later.

NetBSD/src qfnoZWCtests/sys/uvm t_uvm_physseg.c

   Fixed issues with uvm_page_physunload_delete_end test case.

   1. "avail_start" and "start" were different, resulting in unreachable code in
   uvm_page_physunload(), where the condition check "avail_start" < "end" fails.
   The test has been fixed by setting "avail_start" and "start" to the same value.

   2. If "start" is the address with end address being "start + 2", we can
   unplug twice, the first paddr_t would be "start" and the second one would be
   "start + 1". Modified the ATF_CHECK_EQ() to reflect these changes.

   Reviewed by <cherry>
+6-41 files

NetBSD/src 0xtRMYhtests/sys/uvm t_uvm_physseg.c

   Fixed issues with uvm_physseg_atboot_free_leak test case.

   "\n" in ATF discriptions make it behave in weird ways, like saying "this
   test is bogus.", fixed the issue by removing the "\n".

   Reviewed by <cherry>
+3-31 files

NetBSD/src ykCpLhxtests/sys/uvm t_uvm_physseg.c

   Fixed issues with uvm_physseg_plug test case.

   There is a condition check which failed for VM_PHYSSEG_MAX == 2 (not for
   1 or 3 and above), in case of 2, pgs == slab + npages1 + npages3, so we
   need to change ">" check to ">=" check.

   Reviewed by <cherry>
+3-31 files

NetBSD/src 3Jh56nktests/sys/uvm t_uvm_physseg.c

   Fixed the build failures caused by incompatible type comparisons when
   VM_PHYSSEG is > 1.

   Reviewed by <cherry>
+3-31 files